Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seat, Curls and Skate

Jacob thought it was so funny when Levi decided to take a seat on him.
This is Levi's new smile too.  Crinkles up that nose :)

And I guess the curls are finally coming off.
I have a play date next week scheduled with my hair dresser and her little girl Anna.
I told her to bring her scissors :(
can those eyelashes be any longer?!

My niece Kate is turning 5 this month!!
I cannot believe it!  She is the first grandchild and I remember patiently waiting for her arrival. :)
My sister, Beth, made these cute party invitations.
Aren't the pom poms so cute!?!?!?  I love it!!!!
And look at her sweet request.  What a big heart she has!!!  

Oh, and this is my kinda party!  Back in the day, Beth and I and our friends, another set of sisters, used to skate every single Saturday, 12-4pm.  My mom would drop us off, and their mom would pick us up.  
Till this day, I can hear a particular song and think, "I used to skate to that song."  :)
That makes me laugh :)

I just hope I still got my skating skillz :)  Can't wait!


Kelley said...

Sounds like a fun party and what a wonderful idea to do for Talbey.

Beth said...

don't cut the curls...just that one piece that is too long.

Jessica said...

Your little LEvi has the cutest facial expressions! : )