Saturday, March 31, 2012

Most Special Moment Ever!

This morning Jacob had t-ball practice.
I asked Aunt B to watch Levi so I wouldn't have to chase him down, because sometimes I have to go out into the ball field to ask Jacob to get up and put his glove back on - ha!  :)  
{sidenote:  Kris works Saturdays}

So we were driving over to Beth's and Jacob started saying, "God made the trees.  God made the clouds.  God made the moon.  Right Mommy?"  I said, "yes, he made everything on earth."  

So he started naming more things God made:  trains, baseballs, toys, etc...  

I asked Jacob if he heard that at church or school (he goes to pre-k at a church where he has chapel).
He said and I quote, "God told me that."  

I naturally sat up a little straighter, looked in my rear view mirror and asked, "oh yeah, he talks to you?"

Jacob said, "yes, and he told me I am not done with you Jacob."

GIVES ME CHILLS (and tears) just typing that.  Those were his exact words.  
I just had to praise God while driving and thank him for speaking to Jacob.
He may not fully understand it now what that means, but it's my prayer God continues to work in his heart.

I pulled out my phone because I wanted to capture him at this special moment.
{thank you Lord for blessing me with a silly boy!}

Jacob asked me to take Levi's picture too.  
{Thank you Lord for this precious nugget too!}

Have a wonderful weekend!  Mine is off to a fantastic start! :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Interview

I found this interview template on Pinterest to do with your child on their birthday.
I had to do it with Jacob because I knew he would have some great answers ;)

*i hope you can read my chicken scratch!

#6 made my heart melt
#15 i could have guessed because he has stairs (upstairs)  :)
#19 made me laugh :)

#20 he asks to sleep with it on :)
thanks aunt b!!

I'm going to try to remember to do the interview over the next few birthdays.  
I think it will be fun to see the changes in his answers :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Actual birthday

Last Saturday night around 11pm it hit me that tomorrow was Jacob's birthday.
I mean I knew, but for a split second it dawned on me.  

I had not wrapped his gifts and I wanted to blow up some balloons to surprise him when he woke up.
So I was busy doing just that before bed.  

He came into our room around 7:30am Sunday morning and went to Kris' side of the bed and said, "Daddy, I see birthday decorations!"  Then he ran to my side and asked, "Momma, am I five today?"
Melt my heart.  I answered, "yes baby, yes you are."  :(

ignore the blue polka-dot balloon ;)

He opened gifts while Daddy made pancakes.

Singing Happy Birthday to him for the 2nd time :)

Counting the candles :)

Making a wish!

Off to church in his favorite shirt :)

After lunch Meme and Papaw and Aunt B, Uncle John, Kate and Luke came over for more cake!
We, once again, got out the candles and sang Happy Birthday :)

He thought it would be fun to sit in Levi's seat

Spider girl taking a time out for cake :)

We love you silly boy!

And this concludes Jacob's 5th birthday festivities :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jacob's Party

We had Jacob's birthday party last Friday at Jump Zone, followed by Chick-fil-A.

We asked Caleb and cousins Kate & Luke to join us.  
I didn't even try to get a group photo, they were on a mission!
But here is an action shot, ha!

Sweet Lukey did let me take his picture

Little man was having a great time too!

Kate and Levi having fun together!


I got the largest cake known to man for our little group  :)

We opened gifts and played a little in the playground area.  
We basically set up shop in Chick-Fil-A and thankfully it wasn't too busy.
 Jacob wanted to open his helicopter present from Caleb and I said we would at home.
So he immediately was ready to go!  We called it a night shortly after that :)

Jacob's shirt was made by the talented Kari Beth
He loved it!!  Check out her blog for one of the cutest little girls ever!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Jacob!!!!!

The last 5 years have come and gone.
Here is a walk down {our} memory lane...

After an unplanned c-section, I finally held my baby for the first time.

Who had the prettiest baby blues which are now hazel

and sweetest kissable little lips

With hardly any hair

And a smile that could light up a room :)

He was always a happy baby!

Who then, too soon, turned into a little boy

Who could be so serious  :)

or having fun

Who then embraced his new role

And is forever our ray of light

Who is the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day

Happy 5th Birthday Jacob Stewart!

It is an honor being your momma.
And I thought I loved you then.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cra-zay-zee Momma

Levi has had an on and off runny nose for the last couple of weeks.
He's also drooling big time!  I can't see any new teeth, so I'm not sure what's up with that.  

Today I happened to notice his right ear had something in it.  
The canal actually looked swollen.  
I thought oh my goodness, this baby has had an ear infection this whole time and I didn't even know.  

Kris was home for lunch and I showed him his ear, and I said I should see if I can get in to see the doctor.  
I was able to get in this afternoon for the doctor to confirm it's just ear wax.

Yes, I'm that mom who took her son to the doctor because of ear wax.  

I was just a tad embarrassed, but the doctor assured me he had seen sillier things.  Thanks doc.
While we were waiting, I couldn't stop noticing how long his eye lashes are.  
I'm surprised he can hold his eyes open with those things!  ha! :)

Oh, here's a better look, he got his hair cut yesterday.  Looks like such a little boy :(

I hope the rain stops soon.  There's a birthday party tomorrow, we got some celebrating to do!
Jacob will be 5 Sunday!  I've been kinda emotional this week thinking back to 5yrs ago.  
Wow, that flew by too fast.
More to come.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our weekend

I hope you had a nice weekend.

Friday I watched Kate & Luke while Beth got her hair did.
These two played really well together.

And so did these two :)

Later it was naptime

Saturday was t-ball practice.
He talked more about his Nike's than anything else!  Sheesh!

Saturday night Lukey actually spent the night with us  :)
Luke always asks to watch a moooo-vie when he's here.
And popcorn too.  He picked up a kernel and said, "I put this up my nose one time. "  :)

Then it was time for nite-nite.  They both got out of bed a couple of times, but they finally drifted off to sleep.

Sunday morning, ready for church, so handsome.

Little man wasn't ready yet, but wanted his picture made.  
He's lovin' Melmo :)

Now I'm ready momma!
He is seriously striking a pose here, ha! :)

My first baby looking too grown up.

My pumpkins!

After church we ate lunch then went to Chuck E Cheese with David, Melody and Caleb.

Levi burnt a lot of energy, so we laid him down for a nap and Jacob practiced his hitting. 
Kris got cracked up because Jacob said, "I got it coach Daddy."   :)

Then for dinner the boys had red pancakes.
Why not, you're only a kid once!

Happy Monday, y'all!