Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Not much going on around these parts.
I can't even think of a unique title to this post.

But I am making sure the boys earn their keep!
"Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up"
Anyone else sing that song?  :)

Somehow he made it to the bedroom with an empty wheelbarrow :)

Such a sweet big brother most times  :)

Next week I will be pre-registering Jacob for kindergarten
Pass the kleenexes

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Vday Craft

Sorry, just a couple of more Valentine's Day decor.  

I decided to make the wreath with the styrofoam heart and red felt circles.

I lost count of how many circles I cut, but I think it was around 175  :)
I thought it was too small for the front door, so I hung it on the mirror in our living room.
My thumb is still sore pushing all the push pins :)
It really didn't take that long to do.  If you decide to make one, just remember the circles don't have to be perfect.  I used the lid off Jacob's vitamins as a template :)  
Any imperfections can't be seen, believe me, I had plenty ;)

And Jacob decorated the front window :)

Oh and yesterday the boys were being so quiet in Jacob's room.
I figured I should go check on them and I opened the door and saw this.
Both content, both in their own worlds.  Melt my heart :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Best Friend

Last Monday, Caleb came over while his mom and dad were out.
Jacob was so excited!  "Caleb is my best friend!" says Jacob. :)
I asked them to say cheese :)

Little brother sure tried his hardest to keep up!

"How many pictures is your mom going to take, Jacob?"  :)

"Sure wish I could sit on the bed"

"Guess I'll settle for the floor"  :)
I could eat him up!!!!

Come back and see us, Caleb!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine's Decor

Yes, my Valentine's Day decor is up mid-January!
If you recall this post, I was ready the first week of the new year! :)

I printed/cut and hung the free printable banner.  I intended to jazz it up as I mentioned, but I could never find those hearts, so I just used twine.  And I kinda like the simple look.
I finished the 2nd tissue topiary.  I will never do that again!  I always pick the very tedious time-consuming crafts!  Gees Louise!  

And I guess I am becoming more and more like my mother (scary!)   :)  
 I have the sudden urge to hit all the local thrift stores - just to see what I can 'find'!  I get so many ideas on Pinterest, and a lot of the projects are from refurbishing old things  - i.e. spray painting candle sticks, picture frames, etc...  Both sets of candle sticks in the picture above and below were from thrift stores.

I found a picture frame for $.50 so I snatched it up, added a little red spray paint and inserted a free printable.
The middle vase with the red hearts was also a thrift store find for $1.00!

Finding such good bargins is so fun!  But I think it's also making me cheap!
It's so hard to pay full price for something if I can find something similar for a quarter!  :)
But when there's only one income, you gotta do what ya gotta do!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid Week Randoms

Levi loves to put on a hat whenever he sees one.

And I love it's always on backwards - little monkey!
we received his tshirt from his time spent at AR Children's Hospital.
it seemed so huge when they gave it to us, now it barely fits.
here and here are a couple of posts for anyone new to the blog

He likes wearing my hat too :)

It was bath time the other night and when Levi saw that his favorite show was on, he took a seat :)

Look, it's Super Levi!!
"Don't forget me", says Jacob :)

Love them!!!

Hope you are having a great week!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catching Up

I didn't mean to go a full week without posting....

Here's how our week unfolded...

Jacob started back at swim class.

I went to my first Women's Bible Study at church.  
I didn't know a soul, but I completely felt welcomed.  And I hope to make some new friends.
I had to buy a new bible because mine is from 1986 - King James Version :)
In order for me to dive deep and learn, I needed a different translation.

Levi got his second haircut.  My hair dresser brought her little girl over for a play date and she cut both Levi and Kris' hair, then put color on mine.  Can't beat that!  
{skyping with my mom}

I decided to do a Valentin'e Day craft.  I found this tutorial and thought it was super cute!
The inspiration:

She used 1" fabric squares, but I decided to use Valentine's Day tissue paper.  
I found 2 identical candle sticks at a local thrift store and spray painted them black (wish I had taken a before picture).  Just picture tacky brass.

I wrapped a square around the tip of a sharpened pencil, then dipped it in glue then stabbed the ball! :)
And did this a bazillion times!  :)

I randomly placed a few solid pink squares and ta da!
I kinda wished I had done a better job with the pink, oh well.  
One down, one more to go!

Last night was FNO (Friday Night Out) at Church, which basically means free child care :)
We dropped the boys off and went to dinner with our friends Melody & David.
Tonight Kris' mom is watching the boys and we are going to the Razorback Basketball game with Beth & John.  Two dates in a row!  Yahoo!  

p.s.  someone tell these 2 to start blogging ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stuck & Wheel

Levi got a little stuck tonight. :)

Don't worry, no harm done.  That's why I have pictures :)

Oh, and his new favorite show  :)
He drops whatever he's doing to sit and watch.  
His little legs were crossed so I grabbed the camera, but as soon as he heard me he turned around.

p.s.  and yes, I watch WOF like an old lady, AND I yell at the tv when they can't solve the puzzle.
Or when they buy a vowel(s) then solve.  Drives me nuts!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who's ready to decorate?

I've mentioned before that I want my boys to grow up in a home always decorated for the holidays.  
{but if they're like their daddy, they probably won't even notice - JK!  sorta!}   :)
Now I'm not saying I will decorate for 'Flag Day', but I will try to hit the major ones.  

Up next is Valentine's Day.  I'm finding lots of cute ideas on the trusty Pinterest, so I thought I would share a few.  
You know I love a banner!  
I found this free banner printable and plan to make one and jazz it up a bit adding this.

I also love a free printable!  I saw this one and knew I had to print and frame!

I thought this might also be cute for the mantle.

Can't forget a wreath!  This is up my alley, but that's a lot of felt circles to cut!
We'll see how ambitious I get :)

I went to a local thrift store the other day and got both of these for $.75  
{not sure if that goes together, just stuck it in there}

I pulled down from the attic all the other V-Day decor and I saw all that I bought last year after the holiday to use this year.  Buying for the next year is always a surprise because I never remember what I bought.  :)

Oh, and I came across this and just adored it!  
Run to your nearest Target and getcha a little mailbox from the dollar bins!!

And lastly, I saw this and thought it was adorable for the back of the kitchen chairs.
My friend Melody and I are going to have a craft day and attempt to make some using this tutorial which is more user friendly. :)

And because I love to reflect, here is last year's picture of the boys on Valentine's :)
{someone pass me a kleenex}

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Silliness

My mom got Jacob a shaving kit for Christmas.

He begged us to open it! :)
{oh this picture makes me smile!!}

Daddy helped him get started

We all got tickled.  So funny!

And as I was pulling the pictures for this post from the memory card, I found this one!  
Usually I'm the one taking the pictures, so I was surprised to stumble onto these.  
I suppose Kris thought this was a kodak moment.  :)

Guess Levi knows where I keep the lunch-lady hair net  :)

Never a dull moment around these parts!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  
2012 I believe is what they're saying, but in my mind it's still 1998.  
{I know I sound like an old lady as much as I talk about how fast time flies}

I think it will be fun on 12.31.2012 to look back and see what I was thinking on 1.1.2012 so here are a few goals I have in mind, and a couple from Kris.  

In no particular order:
Save, save, save!  Living on one income is hard!
Read and study the word!  
Speaking of, attend a women's bible study at church
Less internet
More dates with Kris
Eat better / lose weight
Keep a clean car
Get a new job (Kris)
Read the entire Bible
Take a family vacation
Camping/Fishing (Kris)
Meet new people / friends
Serve / volunteer

Curious to see how we do! :)