Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Levi!!!!

I vividly remember writing this post in 2010.
I knew Levi's looks would quickly change. 
I wanted to remember every detail of him as a newborn, and here we are the day I mentioned in the post... 3 {short} years later.  :(
I thought I would capture the same details today that I took then.  :) 

It was hard to create these collages.  I was very teary-eyed. 

I cannot believe my baby is 3 years old.  How did that happen!?!?

His little personality is blooming, and I love watching him become a sweet little boy.

He is such a sweetheart!  I just love hearing his precious little voice. 
He loves to sing Happy Birthday!
So today Levi, we sing to you!!
Happy 3rd Birthday Levi!!!!

We love you more than you'll ever know!!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Major Milestone!

Today my parents celebrate 40 years of marriage!
I know it is a true blessing to still have my parents together in today's world.
I do not take it for granted, and I am extremely thankful to have been raised in a Christian home.
Momma, Daddy... I love you both very much!! 
Happy Anniversary!!  Here's to 40 more!! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Luke!

Today is my nephew Luke's 5th birthday!!  I can't believe it!
He has some notorious hair!
A couple of weeks ago Beth texted me these photos!
I could not stop laughing at this one!  So funny!!

Thankfully, all went well!! :)
Even though I think you should still look like this...
we wish you a happy 5th Birthday Lukey!
I promise I won't still call you that in 10 years. :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! 
These boys sure do love their daddy!!
He works long hours, sometimes they are in bed before he gets home.  :(
They are with me a lot, so they love to be with him any chance they get!
I know I've said it before, but he is a great handyman!  A few weeks ago I had the idea of finding a couple of lamps at a thrift store, spray painting them and adding a new shade for our bedroom. 
I know this isn't hard to do, but I'm known to go a little crazy with the spray paint and then it starts to run and just looks like a kid did it.
So I asked him to do the lamps for me.  As if he had a choice :)
I LOVE how they turned out!! 
Here is the before and after. 
I just love the pop of color!  And love it with the orange!  Thank you lovebug!
Hope you have a wonderful father's day!  We love you bunches!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Silver Dollar City Fun!

Since Kris is off on Mondays and we have season passes to Silver Dollar City, we headed over to Branson, MO yesterday morning.  We had great weather, and the lines were not long at all.
There is a little area for the smaller kiddos, and even Levi's size - I was happy to hear he would be able to ride and not just watch.  However, he wanted NOTHING to do with them!  See these frogs?  Scared him to death! (but do you really blame him?!  Giant frogs?  Gross!!)    :)
I just realized both their hats are on backwards.  :)
OK, let's try giant ladybugs.  Levi said no way Jose!!
Next was a kid roller coaster.  Levi wouldn't let me go near it.  Had to zoom in for this pic!
One thing he did enjoy was the over-priced food.
After lunch was this really fast ride that just went in circles.  I was afraid lunch was going to make a reappearance!  Thankfully I was wrong!  I can't believe they let Jacob ride by himself.  It was so fast!
Next was this huge pirate ship. 
Jacob loved it!  There's a big grin behind that rope!
This is the look Levi gave me when they were riding. 
"Really mom?!"
Thankfully he enjoyed the train ride... even if this picture says otherwise :)
We ended the day with what else.... a funnel cake! 
I hadn't had one in years, and it was the boys' first!
They loved it!
(And yes, they are in different clothes because we rode a water ride and got wet.)

We had a great time.
Holding hands.  Melt my heart!
And this was Levi before we were out of the parking lot :)
I cannot believe this little stinker didn't want to ride the rides!
Glad his season pass was free!!  Sheesh!  :)
p.s.  I think the word city in Silver Dollar City confused Jacob -he said he wanted to live there ;)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Side by Side

I haven't done a side-by-side comparison of the boys lately, and I remembered Jacob in this shirt (sorry for the hand-me-downs Levi!), so I thought I'd see if they resembled one another. 
It appears Levi is still tracking ahead of Jacob in weight (when Jacob was this age).
Not sure if Levi will be able to wear this shirt in 7mos.  :)
And I'm not sure what Levi's smile is doing, it's definitely not his usual :)  Silly boy!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

4th Prep

I just love red, white and blue d├ęcor for the 4th!  I bought some last year after the season on clearance that I was able to get out this year.  It's like unwrapping a new gift, because I never remember what I bought. :)
I love this free printable.  And my mom got me the cute candle - I love it!
He's probably my favorite :)
Jacob wanted to add his own personal touch :)
Here is the mantle.  Please ignore the fingerprints on the tv :)
Today we went over to Beth's house and made all the kiddos their own 4th of July t-shirt.
Idea from this post
Super easy to make!  They all said it tickled painting their hand ;)
p.s.  where has this year gone?!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sleepy boy

All the celebrating on Memorial Day made one little man tired.  :)
Around 5pm or so, we found him like this - right next to an oblivious Jacob :)
I didn't think he looked comfortable, so we moved him.
He naturally put his arm behind his head.
And the next day, we found him like this.
I had gone to the grocery store, and when I walked in I didn't notice Levi.
I asked Kris where he was, and he said, "in his room, I guess."  :)
Nope, on the floor.  Asleep.  Next to an icky shoe. 
Kris took these pictures.  I would've removed the shoe before doing so :)
now THIS cannot be comfortable!!
He LOVES these boots!  Would sleep in them if he could!
He found this bicycle helmet and wanted to wear it around the house... backwards. :)
Could his shorts be any higher? 
He makes us laugh!