Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Silver Dollar City Fun!

Since Kris is off on Mondays and we have season passes to Silver Dollar City, we headed over to Branson, MO yesterday morning.  We had great weather, and the lines were not long at all.
There is a little area for the smaller kiddos, and even Levi's size - I was happy to hear he would be able to ride and not just watch.  However, he wanted NOTHING to do with them!  See these frogs?  Scared him to death! (but do you really blame him?!  Giant frogs?  Gross!!)    :)
I just realized both their hats are on backwards.  :)
OK, let's try giant ladybugs.  Levi said no way Jose!!
Next was a kid roller coaster.  Levi wouldn't let me go near it.  Had to zoom in for this pic!
One thing he did enjoy was the over-priced food.
After lunch was this really fast ride that just went in circles.  I was afraid lunch was going to make a reappearance!  Thankfully I was wrong!  I can't believe they let Jacob ride by himself.  It was so fast!
Next was this huge pirate ship. 
Jacob loved it!  There's a big grin behind that rope!
This is the look Levi gave me when they were riding. 
"Really mom?!"
Thankfully he enjoyed the train ride... even if this picture says otherwise :)
We ended the day with what else.... a funnel cake! 
I hadn't had one in years, and it was the boys' first!
They loved it!
(And yes, they are in different clothes because we rode a water ride and got wet.)

We had a great time.
Holding hands.  Melt my heart!
And this was Levi before we were out of the parking lot :)
I cannot believe this little stinker didn't want to ride the rides!
Glad his season pass was free!!  Sheesh!  :)
p.s.  I think the word city in Silver Dollar City confused Jacob -he said he wanted to live there ;)


Emily said...

How fun! We haven't taken the kids to SDC yet. Really need to get it on our to-do list soon.
Be sure and say hi to the 'tall cowboy' next time you're there. He's an old friend from high school! :)

Jenny Marrs said...

SO fun !! i'm glad you guys were able to go! it really is a fun spot for younger kiddos!!! :) we want to go back again soon!

Kelley said...

It looks like you are having a blast! Your guys are so precious!

Erin said...

Looks like y'all had a great day. Such a good little trip - even for the day.

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