Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life According to iPhone Pics

Here are some random pics of life lately around here...
Jacob's Cub Scouts went to a local senior center.

Last week he graduated from the cub to wolf pack, hence new neckerchief.
They love taking a crazy pic!

Mr. Big Boy!
Meme turned a year older ;)
Our mid-week park dates with Luke will come to an end in the fall when he starts kindergarten :(
Levi will be so upset!
Woody stopped by the other morning for breakfast.
And to see Jacob off to school :)
I watched Luke for a little bit this morning.
He'd make a great big brother ;)  hehe
He is always fascinated with this pole :)
Oh hey there!
Hurts to look at him!
And if you wonder like Kris, I will probably take a sleeping pic any chance I get :)
Good times!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Jacob Writes a Book

Last week Jacob's school celebrated Young Authors Week.
Each child could write about anything they wanted.
Here's Jacob's story:

notice the Table of Contents on the left.  :) 

I think this might be my favorite page.  And I happen to think they're both pretty cool :) 

I pray they will always be BFFs :) 

 Yes you are, Jacob!!!

 Let's all start saying Jolly :)

 About the Author... makes me laugh!!
Thank you Jacob for your big heart and the best keepsake ever!!!
You make my heart smile... a lot!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Anniversary To Us!

May 14, 2005
Thank you Lovebug for this life we've created.
It makes me happy.
And especially thank you for the countless breakfasts you've made me :)
Love you bunches!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I had the best Mother's Day!
I woke up to two little voices telling me Happy Mother's Day.
(I need to record it so I can always remember that sweet sound)
Kris was paying attention a few weeks ago when I mentioned I love a cold pillow to sleep on.
Look what I got! :)  I love it!!  Makes me laugh!
I will always treasure the homemade gifts! 
From Levi...
And Jacob :)
Our church offered a free picture with your family.
After that was taken, I asked Kris to take mine with the boys.
could not love them more!
After church we met Beth and her family and a couple of other families for a picnic.
The 3 youngest siblings on the right were preoccupied to look up :)
I got the biggest gift of all today.
As you know, Jacob turned 7 in March.  He hasn't shown much interest in riding a bike over the last few years.  I think it bothered me so much because that's what kids do - ride bikes!  Finally he wanted to ride, and we were thrilled, however, we knew he had a fear of taking the training wheels off.
I honestly thought we would take Levi's off before Jacob's!
If I'm being honest, I bribed Jacob in taking his training wheels off last Monday.
As soon as he heard the words 'new toy' he was on board. :)
He did sooo good!  I was so proud of him. 
That was his only time this past week that he was able to ride.

I knew at our picnic today all the kids were bringing their bikes, and I wasn't sure if Jacob would be too hesitant to ride. 

But he rode like a CHAMP!!!  I was so proud of him!!  I even got a little teary eyed because my little man faced his fear head on that he's struggled with and my momma heart was so happy!!
Yea Jacob!!!
I also want to wish my wonderful, amazing momma a Happy Mother's Day and it's also her birthday today!!  Love you Mom!!!
p.s. I need to get more pictures of us together! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Levi's Last Day at KDO

Today was Levi's (and my) last day at KDO.
I survived the 2yr old room!!  HA! 
It actually wasn't bad at all, we had a really good group of kiddos. 
I think I might miss some of them :)
And both Levi and I made some great friends which is pretty much the reason why we went.
It is nearly impossible to get him to look straight at the camera and smile!
I mean.... 
That's more like it.
And I need a comparison...
Has he changed much in 8mos? 
Maybe a little...  he'll be 4 next month.  :(
Sniff sniff!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Overnight Camping Trip

Jacob's Cub Scout Troop went camping this past weekend.
I'm so happy Kris was able to take him and spend some good quality time together.
A.K.A - momma don't camp ;)
Actually Levi and I could have went too, but I honestly wanted this time to be only about Jacob and his Dad.  Kris works late hours and he's gone every Saturday for work, so I figured this would be a great bonding experience for both of them.
I told Kris to take the camera because I needed blogging material :)
Jacob with his friend Cameron and his sister Kendra

This picture cracks me up! 
Two things worth mentioning:
a).  Jacob is not left handed 
b).When he was telling me about this particular event, he said, "Mommy, my arrow went way passed the target!!"  He was so excited, I couldn't tell him that's not the object. :)
Their home away from home.
Uh, a no thank you!
I wonder how many marshmallows he fit on that thing ;)
They had a great time!
And it makes my heart happy knowing Jacob will have these memories with his Dad.