Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jacob's 7th Birthday Party!

I put a few things on the kitchen table for Jacob to wake up to on his birthday.
I actually had to wake him up for school.  I laid next to him and whispered, "happy birthday."
He went from sleeping to a huge smile.  :)
He walked up to the table and said this is the best birthday ever (even though we hadn't done anything, ha!).
He opened a couple of gifts we got him and of course Levi helped :)
We decided to have his party at Cherry Berry (local yogurt place).
They had pizza, yogurt and a game room for the kiddos.
They had so much fun, we all did!
I thought it was nice of them to write his name on the chalkboard.
A couple of weeks before his party, Jacob tells me he wants a Lego cake.
I didn't realize he wanted an actual theme for his party, he only mentioned Cherry Berry.
So I called a few places and luckily Harps (grocery store) was willing to help.
They had never made one before, so when I showed them what I wanted, they were excited to do it.  And it was their idea to add the little ones.
I thought it turned out sooo cute!!  And even better, it tasted so so good! 
It was chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling.  Yum!
We were singing Happy Birthday and look how shy/embarrassed he is :)
Let's play some games!!

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate Jacob turning 7!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

***Happy 7th Birthday, Jacob!!!***

I cannot believe I just typed that! :(
The day I became a mother; an indescribable feeling.

1st Birthday!
He tore up his smash cake!

2nd Birthday!
We took cupcakes to his class at daycare
3rd Birthday!
Love his version of blowing out the candle.

4th Birthday!
He was so excited for this party!  He loved the Cars cake!
5th Birthday!
His favorite number!
6th Birthday!
Two hands!
 7th Birthday!
Who is this big kid and where is my baby!?!

Even though it's Spring Break, he had school yesterday and today to make up for snow days, so we surprised him at lunch.

I love you, Jacob, forever and ever and a day!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I'm this close to stop using titles for posts. 
It's just too hard to figure out a common thread amongst so many random photos, and I hate to keep referring to them as Recap, Catch Up, Hodge Podge, etc...
Levi finally learned to pedal and now we can't keep him off his bike :)
Gosh he's cute!
In their green for St. Patrick's Day
Like Jacob's new pose? :)

Love his little personality!
Isn't he the cutest?!  Sweet Luke Buddy!
Safety first :)
This was taken a few weeks ago when we still had snow, but I just think it's the sweetest.
Levi wants to ride the school bus so bad!
I had a craft night with a few friends last week, and I chose to make an Easter Bunny for our front door.
I think this is as random as it gets :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mom of The Year

Last Thursday while at school, Levi just wasn't himself. 
I noticed that morning he had a runny nose, but that was it. 
Once we got home, he had a 101* fever! :( 
He slept from 6pm-6am that night (wish he did that every night, ha!) 
Friday morning came, and I debated whether or not to take him in.
I feel like every time my boys have the sniffles, I'm in a doctor's office.
So I watched him throughout the day and he was actually feeling OK.
He even asked to go ride his bicycle.
Saturday and Sunday his fever would come and go, and he had a stuffy nose.
Monday he stayed home with Kris while I went to work.
Today though, just when we thought he was getting better, the fever came back.
So Kris took him to see the doctor and they said his tonsils were really red and swollen.
He was tested for Strep and he passed!  :(
trying green eggs and ham at school last week
Dagger in my heart!  I should have taken him in Friday!!
Poor thing has been going 4, almost 5 days with it.  #momfail
In my defense, he was running around, playing and acting like any other day.
So it didn't seem to bother him.
Please forgive me little man. 
Momma loves you bunches and I pray you're completely healed soon!!