Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Memory Making with Cousins

Yesterday, Kris and I took Jacob, Kate and Luke to Silver Dollar City.
We wanted to use our season tickets one more time before school started.
Since Levi wasn't crazy about it the last time we went, my mom was nice enough to watch him for us.  I asked Beth and her monkeys to join us, but she had to work, so I offered to take the kiddos with us.   
For the most part, everyone got along ;)
"Sit down, please."  Said the ride operator :)
This picture makes me laugh so hard!  And I hate that my camera was on the wrong setting!
This ride went 1mph, and didn't go up or down or anything.
Luke was obviously not a fan - ha! :)
He did like the big pirate ship.
If you ever go to Steal Your Dollar City Silver Dollar City, you must go see this Dog Show!
So neat!  And some very talented dogs!  You'll have to trust me since this is the only pic :)
The kids loved it!!

The ball pit is always a favorite!

See why I call them monkeys? :)
Luke was Kris' little buddy throughout the day :)
We ended the day with a funnel cake!  Huge hit with the kids!
It was consumed before I could even turn the camera on ;)
Good times!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our Saturday

Yesterday it was in the 70s and today has been super nice as well, so we got some lunch and ate at a local park. 
Nearby is a bridge with a small creek, and the boys love throwing rocks into the water.

They could've stayed there all day.  Jacob has nicknamed it Rock Park.  :)
Handsome fella #1

Handsome fella #2
We ended the day with some frozen yogurt. 
Two things worth mentioning:
*When I told the boys I wanted to take their picture, Levi immediately put his hand on Jacob's arm - I melt!
*I could tell Jacob wasn't crazy about his yogurt (chocolate chip cookie dough) from the look on his face.  I asked if he liked it and he said he didn't.  He said next time he just wants to fill his cup with the toppings and no yogurt.  :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Two Princes

My sister's church is having VBS this week, and this year both boys are attending. 
This is Jacob's 3rd time and Levi's first. 
We slicked down their hair, and was out the door! :)
Momma wanted some blog material pictures before we left. 
This one makes my heart mushy. 
Levi loves his brother!
These pictures make me laugh, because Jacob has drifted off to space but Levi is just precious, so I had to post :)
After we picked them up, we were driving home and noticed the beautiful moon. 
Love them so!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Let's Bowl!

I signed the boys up for a free summer bowling program and this past Monday we went!
They had never been before, but they had a great time!
High five!
And yes, I remembered Levi had this shirt, so I purposely put it on him ;)
He got a spare!  Yahoo!
Good times!  Jacob is already asking to go back!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hodge-Podge Post

It's time for a hodge-podge post.  You know, a little this... a little that:
Jacob looks 12 to me in this picture.
And he does exactly what big brother does.
We saw a rainbow on our drive home from AL.
Thank you Lord for this beautiful reminder.
My mom had her table set so cute with her 4th d├ęcor.
We went over to Beth's house for the 4th and I made my first trifle.  So delish!
And I cut watermelon with a star cookie cutter.
And even though I made lemonade ice cubes and it was my first time to use my star ice cube trays, I forgot to take them.  Shoot!
He's been skipping his nap most days, and come 5pm he can't keep his eyes open.
Last week was VBS at church, and I volunteered to be a Crew Leader.  I had the sweetest, most well behaved group of 2nd graders.  It was my first time to volunteer, honestly I was a little reluctant, but these kiddos blessed me so much!!  Jacob had a blast, was even called upon stage to play a game! 
I was so proud of him!!
Since I volunteered, Levi was able to go and his age group had their own version of VBS.
the eyes get me every time!
Then Friday was family night.  They had bouncy houses and water slides. 
The weather was perfect and we had a great time with friends!
Speaking of, Jacob got to hang out with Caleb.
oh, and those flip flips?  we somehow manage to lose them. 
And lastly... I took Levi last week to his 3yr well check, and once we were in the room, I remembered we had been in it before and I took his picture.  So I thought it would be fun to compare :)
Who took my baby!?!?!?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Duck Sighting

We headed home on a Sunday, but Kris didn't have to be back at work until Wednesday (since he has a weird work schedule), so we were in no rush to get back. 
Since we were so close and figured we wouldn't be down this way for a while, we decided to drive over to West Monroe, LA to see the Duck Dynasty Warehouse.
There is a souvenir shop, but since it was Sunday, it was closed. 
But that didn't stop tourists from taking pictures, including us! :)

Jacob and Levi had no idea where we were or what we were doing, but Jacob still smiled for the camera nonetheless :)
The infamous loading dock. 
"Why would you flood the loading dock!?!?!"... a line from an episode :)
The decoys are still there :)
This was taken in the car driving away on the main drag, it's just a block away.
And wouldn't you love to be the house on the right? :)
Good times!