Friday, July 12, 2013

Gulf Shores Part 4

The recaps are coming to an end soon, I promise ;)
Until then, let's keep truckin'  :)
Had a hot, sweaty time playing putt-putt golf
Riding go-carts is so fun!
This picture makes me laugh because Kate (who's 1st) was originally where Jacob is (who's last). 
When he came around the corner, he pushed them all up.  It was so funny!
Hello there!
Refusing to ride the train that went 1mph.
"Guess I'll ride by myself" :)
"How do you do?  Nice to meet ya!"
Mr. I don't want to have any fun, why did you bring me here.
John & Luke
Me & Kate
Kris & Jacob
Kiddos and grandparents loved the golf cart!
Making the trek to the obligatory kid-group beach photo
More beach group photos
 Almost done... stay tuned :)

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Kelley said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I am so glad you and your sister are so close and can do things like this. So special your parents could go too!