Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gulf Shores Part 2

We didn't have an agenda in Alabama, we just played each day by ear.
We decided to hit the local Alligator Alley one day.
We got to watch them feed them lunch.
Then they were letting visitors hold a baby alligator
notice Jacob's version of holding ;)
Then we could walk through the park (?) and feed the ones below in the water.

The next day, while the ladies went to the outlet mall, the guys (minus Levi) went to tour the U.S.S Alabama in Mobile.
Thanks to John for all the photos.  Kris forgot the camera (ah huh).

Once they were back, it was time to swim!


Erin said...

I kind of like Jacob's version!

Kelley said...

How fun! MK would have loved holding an alligator.

His Doorkeeper said...

Great trip! We have been on that ship and I could NOT sleep in those bunks stacked on top of each other!! My kids go to Gulf Shores nearly every year! Hope we can all go together in the near future!

Your little Jacob and Levi are adorable!!

Pittman said...

good times! :)