Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hodge-Podge Post

It's time for a hodge-podge post.  You know, a little this... a little that:
Jacob looks 12 to me in this picture.
And he does exactly what big brother does.
We saw a rainbow on our drive home from AL.
Thank you Lord for this beautiful reminder.
My mom had her table set so cute with her 4th décor.
We went over to Beth's house for the 4th and I made my first trifle.  So delish!
And I cut watermelon with a star cookie cutter.
And even though I made lemonade ice cubes and it was my first time to use my star ice cube trays, I forgot to take them.  Shoot!
He's been skipping his nap most days, and come 5pm he can't keep his eyes open.
Last week was VBS at church, and I volunteered to be a Crew Leader.  I had the sweetest, most well behaved group of 2nd graders.  It was my first time to volunteer, honestly I was a little reluctant, but these kiddos blessed me so much!!  Jacob had a blast, was even called upon stage to play a game! 
I was so proud of him!!
Since I volunteered, Levi was able to go and his age group had their own version of VBS.
the eyes get me every time!
Then Friday was family night.  They had bouncy houses and water slides. 
The weather was perfect and we had a great time with friends!
Speaking of, Jacob got to hang out with Caleb.
oh, and those flip flips?  we somehow manage to lose them. 
And lastly... I took Levi last week to his 3yr well check, and once we were in the room, I remembered we had been in it before and I took his picture.  So I thought it would be fun to compare :)
Who took my baby!?!?!?


Erin said...

I cannot believe that comparison with Levi at the end. What a huge difference!

Cindi said...
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Cindi said...

I'd give anything to have a huge spoonful of that trifle!! And I hope Levi's checkup went great! :)

Kelley said...

You guys have been super busy! We have been too. It has been a fast summer. So glad we have had the time to go on vacations and do some home improvement projects. Back to work for me in a week. Can you believe Levi in that last picture?

The Crowder Family said...

What cute pictures!! I completely agree with you on the bottom side-by-side pictures of Levi--he looks so grown up now! How does this happen?!