Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday, Levi!

I can't believe Levi is 5!!!
I mean, I just HAD him!!! 
That was the fastest 5yrs ever!!
His last night as a 4yr old :(
Had a little surprise waiting for him when he woke up. :)

A new Superman costume, because last years has wholes in it :) 

I do believe Chuck E. Cheese has seen enough of our money this year, ha! :) 

He went back and forth on his cake, but finally decided on Thomas.
He LOVES trains! 
I want to eat him up!

Singing happy birthday!
 Making a wish!
His little friend, Hadley. 

The cutest favors!

Had to do a comparison! :)

Happy Birthday Levi!
You are the sweetest thing there ever was!
Our lives are better with you in it!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Luke!!

Today is my nephew, Luke's, 7th birthday!!
Can't believe it! 
He is so funny and has a big heart! 

My niece, Kate, who is getting too big, too!

The fake smile for the camera.  Grrr!

His birthday is next!

One interesting fact about Luke Buddy is that he's not a big sweets eater.
He requested ice cream sundaes instead of a cake.  So fun!

His party was at High Rise.
Once I looked closer at this pic, my heart melted because Jacob and Levi are holding hands.

Sweet cousins!
Happy Birthday Luke!
We love you!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

So long 2nd Grade!!

Today was Jacob's last day in 2nd Grade!
He had a great year.
He grew and learned so much!

Bed head and sleepy eyes.

That's better :)

A little surprise in his lunchbox.
Can I still do this when he's in 12th grade? :)
 Off to catch the bus.
I will NOT miss 6:33am bus stops!
And I'm a tad scared what time August will be!
I made this banner on his last day of Kindergarten, but didn't last year.
He reminded me several times he'd like one for this year.   :)

That missing tooth!! 

Last year we went to Dunkin' Donuts on his last day, so we did again today. 
Mr. 3rd Grader!

I was going through the paperwork he brought home, and found this keepsake!
Makes me laugh!
Mmm!  :)
How did this happen?!
Obviously I did this to torture myself!
Ready for summer!