Friday, June 29, 2012

Sprinkler and New Towel

Well I jinx'd it, this weather is H.O.T!
Our poor yard is so crispy, so Kris got out the sprinkler the other evening and the boys had a little fun with it.

Later it was bath time, and afterwards we used the Toy Story towel that Caleb got Levi for his birthday.
How cute is he?!?!  I love it!!!

I asked him to cheese, love his crinkly nose!!

And my personal favorite! :)  I'll save this one for the slideshow at his wedding :)

Thanks again Caleb!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More birthday fun!

Thank you for the comment love!  I'm a tad embarrassed because I seriously did not create any of those ideas myself, all copied!! :)

So the celebration continues!

We set up a couple of pools in the backyard for the kiddos to enjoy.

My nephew Luke - he turned 4 a few days before Levi's birthday.

Levi was right alongside the bigger kiddos, and having a great time!


Sweet Anna, my hair dresser's daughter

Giving each other a hug, so sweet!

We bought this sprinkler, but they pretty much held it and watered the yard for us :)

Did someone say cake time? :)

Making a wish!

This picture makes me laugh.  He went from trying to blow out the candles to spitting!  Plus he was soooo close!  Any closer and he would've burned that little nose!

I want to eat him up!
I know I say that all the time!

Making sure no one touches his cake!

He got some wonderful gifts!

And had some great helpers! :)

Picture time!


Papaw - my dad, who has a very bad knee.  Thank you for participating :)

Granny - Kris' mom

Meme - my mom

Aunt B


Lukey being silly


Krissy - my hairdresser

Silly monkey! :)

Yours truly :)

One more of the birthday boy

It was a great day!  Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Levi's 2nd Birthday Party!

Saturday was Levi's birthday party, and I had such a fun time planning!!  
I must give credit where credit is due because I copied almost everything off blogs/pinterest!  

First up, the theme!!!  Since July 4th is right around the corner, how about Red, White and Two!  
Who woulda thought?  Well this talented lady did!  I cannot take credit!  Confession... I also stole a couple of ideas from her party besides the theme!  HA!  

Sarah made the invitations which turned out so cute!  
I told her the wording and she did the rest!  So talented!!
who doesn't love chevron?  :)

I saw this idea on pinterest and knew I had to do it for our sidewalk to greet the guests!  
My assistant, Kris, cut the star template out of cardboard, we sprayed the cutout with water, then sifted flour.  Kris did so much for me for this party, I couldn't have done it without him!  
The inspiration for the table was from this site

I've seen backdrops used a lot at parties, so I bought a science project bi-fold board and Kris wrapped with blue/white pinstriped fabric.  Then added the tissue garland I made using this tutorial.  
I ordered a chocolate cake from Sam's Club and asked for white icing only because I had plans of my own for it :)  I made the bunting using these free printables and star-printed straws I found off etsy.
And I added the red/blue boarder using circle 'sprinkles'.
We made the cake stand by gluing a 12" terracotta plate to a small pot then spray painted red.

Also my terracotta 'gumball machine' made a reappearance, but this time with Hershey Kisses.  
The star balloons are from Hobby Lobby and I tied them to mason jars filled with flowers (inspired from this party)

It's hard to tell, but I found this mason jar at a local thrift store for $.50 and it has the Liberty Bell on it and says 1776 at the top.  How lucky to find that, huh? I might have squealed :)  

I used a #2 cookie cutter on the watermelon.  Idea found here

Oh, and that star table cloth was a $1 in the dollar bin at Target.

It was my first attempt at marshmallow pops.  They did not turn out as pretty as I had planned ;)
Loved the idea of the waffle bowls for the fruit.  
I made the lemonade using this recipe.  The OCD in me wanted a red punch, but couldn't find any I liked, so I used this instead.  It was a hit!  Love me some party punch!  Oh, and I made some lemon ice cubes too :)
For favors, which I forgot to pass out, and I do that every year (sheesh!!!), I made firecrackers using a spool from tulle that was filled with Hershey Kisses and had Sarah make a wrapper for the outside.

I also made these firecrackers after seeing this tutorial and placed on the patio table outside.  
instead of a wooden block, we used a dowel that we already had and Kris cut to multiple heights, then I spray painted, modge podged with scrapbook paper, hot glued them together, then tied with twine.  Kris drilled a small hole and then I hot glued twine for the fuse.  

Outside we had the canopy set up because it was 200*!!

I saw this on pinterest and thought it was so cute, then tried to figure out how to make one to coordinate with our theme.  Then it hit me, an Uncle Sam's hat!  Kris suggested we also do the suit!  I cannot draw so I told him to go for it!  So he drew and I painted. :)

I also added the cotton balls for the hair and goatee :)

I told you I couldn't have done it without him!  Thank you Lovebug!

Birthday boy!  
As you can see, I had a lot of fun and pretty much ran with the red/white/blue colors/decor.  
Pinterest is dangerous or in my case, my best friend :)  

More to come...  :)