Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday while Kris was at work, Jacob made cupcakes for his daddy.

I found this free printable on pinterest and used my 2" punch to make the toppers.

The boys sure do love their daddy!  He works 12hr shifts so after being home with me all day, you can imagine they are excited to see him!  Levi always drops what he's doing to run to the door to greet him while screeching, "daaaaaaaaaaaaddddddy!!"  It really is cute, I should video it.

This morning I made him waffles and we gave him his gift - cologne and a meat thermometer :)
This picture makes me laugh so hard.  He is barely awake!  HA! :)

I found this Father's Day questionnaire and asked Jacob the questions.
He actually got his age right :)
My favorite is the next to the last question - I'm happy when Daddy comes home.!!  

Thank you Kris for being a loving, providing daddy to our boys!

And Happy Father's Day to my dad - who reads my blog :)
Love you!!


Kelley said...

Fantastic post! Your boys are the cutest!

Shannon said...

Great pics! The breakfast table pic makes me laugh too! :) I did a little questionaire like that with Westin and his answers were so funny.