Monday, June 11, 2012

Misc. Monday

This little guy will be 2 in a couple of weeks.  How can that be?!

I found the neatest thing at the dollar store that allows you to plug a handset into your cell phone - genius!  
since we don't have a home phone

Levi loves to talk to Meme on it!  
I took it with me one day in the car and when my cell phone rang, I used it.  I got the giggles!
Picture that!  :)

Kate spent the night with us last week.  Just one night, but she brought 3 over-night bags :)
it sure was different seeing all the barbies and dolls in the house :)

I loved that she brought her robe and slippers :)

She and Jacob had a great time!

The next morning she told me that she didn't get any sleep, but I had proof :)

I want to eat him up!

You can tell he is really cheesin' it up!

We had the CMT awards on tv the other night and Levi ran and got the guitar :)

He loves music!!  Maybe he will play an instrument someday!

Last week I had to watch these monkeys for a few hours.  I think this was only time they were quiet :)
they each had a snack :)

Love these little people!!!


Jenny said...

Adorable shots! How cool is that phone find??! Really fun! We need to get our 2 year old boys together to play sometime! Can you believe how crazy FAST these two years have flown??

Kimberley said...

Meme loves those little people so...

Brittany said...

Can't believe our babes ARE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!