Monday, June 4, 2012

Celebrity Sightings

Last week was Walmart Shareholders Week.  
Their annual meeting was Friday which celebrated the company's 50yrs!  
Associates from all over the world come to our little town and it's a fun-filled week for them. 

One of the perks is a free concert or I should say concerts!  
When I first started with the company, the concerts were for associates only.
I've seen Reba McEntire, Brooks&Dunn, Kenny Chesney, 3 Doors Down, Daughtry, SheDaisy, Michelle Branch, Travis Tritt, Leann Rimes, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, Rascal Flatts, Will Smith... just to name a few :)

This year, associates had to reserve tickets online because it would be a sell-out show for sure.
Reservations started our first night while we were in Florida, so we had to set an alarm on our phone as a reminder because I was bound to forget.  However, I did not hear my alarm on my phone, but Kris remembered.  Go figure!  We were able to get the allotted amount of 4 tickets and gave the other 2 to Beth and John.  

The first concert was for Carrie Underwood!!!!

Our seats were in the nose bleed, so I took pictures of the big screen :)  My little purse camera stinks!
She did a really good job, and sounded amazing!
Ironically, she is not who I wanted to see the most.  This was her 3rd time at Shareholders so I had seen her before.  But hey, it was free!!  

The 2nd night was Aerosmith!!!!!
I mean how many opportunities will I have to see them!?!?  
Well guess, what.....  sold out!  I tried getting their tickets up until the day of!!!  

I put a note on facebook asking friends if they had any tickets they weren't using while knowing no one would give those up!   At 2.5hrs before the concert, a friend of mine said she had 2!!  
Say what!??!  I think I squealed like a little girl!  

I should back up and say that neither Beth nor Kris had any interest in seeing them (I know!!), so John and I went!  HA!!! :)
I think he borrowed his hat from J-Lo

I absolutely loved it!!!  Great show!!

For the actual Shareholders Meeting on Friday, Justin Timberlake was the emcee!  Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie, Celine Dion also made an appearance!  I watched online - I'm a dork.  

Oh, then I happened to be in our local Walmart and ran into them filming a commercial with Mike Rowe (the Dirty Jobs guy).  So if you see him in a Tide commercial, it was filmed right here! :)

I should say that out of myself, Kris, Beth, and John, that Kris is the last man standing as a Walmart associate.
We were able to go because of him, thank you Lovebug for all your hard work!
Oh, and as he and I were walking out of the Carrie Underwood concert, the concession stand was giving out free hotdogs, so Kris grabbed a couple.  He said, "it's like they paid us to come here!!"  :)


Jenna said...

FUN!! I hated to miss the concerts this year but we were in Flordia! A little birdy told us that Taylor Swift was going to be there on Friday and that hurt my heart the most to miss her! Oh well, there is always next year!! Glad you got to go and have fun!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

How fun! That would be a blast!! Glad you got to go to the aerosmith concert!!