Friday, June 1, 2012

Final Florida Family Vacation Recap

We debated taking the kiddos to Legoland, because we had hit the ground running since arriving in FL, but we figured, we're here, so let's just go!  
Meme, Papaw and Levi joined us too since they had rested the day before :)
Seconds before this picture was made (and before we had even purchased tickets) Jacob said, "mom, I'm ready to go."  Uh, what!?!  Whose kid is this?!

As expected, it was not as crowded as DW which was nice.
Tons of cute lego creations all throughout the park.

A huge double-decker marry-go-round.

I was really impressed with an indoor play area for toddlers.  There was also a baby-care center if you needed to change your baby, feed (they had high chairs), nurse, etc...  Very nice!

They had a few rides that went probably 5mph, if that!  And Levi still couldn't ride - huge let down!
The ride below would've been perfect for him, but he wasn't tall enough.  And I'm laughing that they made sure John had his seat belt on!  

This ride went up and down while going around and you had to 'put out the fire'
Kris looks un interested :)

Another perfect ride for Levi, but nooooooo :(

They had a cheesy water show

This ride made you pull yourself up to the top and then you fall down

There was an indoor area to build your own race car lego

Early afternoon Levi, Jacob and Papaw were ready to go, so Meme and them headed back to the house while the rest of us stayed.  Beth and I watched as Kris and John rode with the kiddos.

This one makes me laugh :)

There was a mini-city built out of legos - very neat!

The next day was spent relaxing at the pool before heading home the following day.  

At the airport, Levi showed a new side of himself.  He was "that kid!"  
He was so tired, hungry and just exhausted.  We chased him all over that place, he did not want to be held.  Nothing would distract him, he was just not happy.  

Before we took off, I'm sure the people in front of us were thinking, "oh great!'  
But luckily he fell asleep and slept most of the flight. 

Even though this picture is blurry, I wanted to show you a better view of the beach towel he is covered up with.  It was ours as kids.  
My mother has held onto a beach towel from 1986 and packed it for a trip in 2012.  :)
Thank you mom, I don't know what we would've done without it ;)

This concludes the Key-Pittman-Stewart Florida Family Vacation 2012.
Good times!!!  Let's do it again in 2017!!  :)

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Kelley said...

I love your pictures! How fun for you guys! Jacob had a blast, I can tell. Loved the picture of your dad with the lego man.