Friday, February 27, 2015

Recent Happenings

The morning of Valentine's Day, the Scouts held a food drive.
Thankfully, it was a nice day.
Later we all rode bikes around the neighborhood.
I always feel bad because Jacob, Kris and I are able to coast when we want.
Poor little Levi's legs are going the entire time. 
I would love to get him off the training wheels this summer.
Then would you believe 2 days later it was snowing and school was cancelled! 
Ugh!  Arkansas weather!

I love finding these sweet keepsakes in Jacob's backpack!

Every Wednesday morning, Levi has swim lessons.
Afterwards he and I run around.  

I will truly miss my little buddy when he starts kindergarten.
Thankfully that won't be till next year.
I love our one-on-one time!
We cannot walk into Walmart without the boys breaking their necks to look at the claw machines.
This particular day a vendor will filling it.

Boy has it made!

"Look Mommy, my name!"
He asked me to take his picture! :)
Receiving an award for 'adding interesting information to our class talks.'  :)
I love him!
They bring me so much joy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's 2015!

We had our 4th Annual Valentine family pizza night!
Love this tradition, even if their faces show otherwise!

We got donuts from Krispy Kreme!

I hit up a local consignment shop, and they had their Valentine's d├ęcor 50% off.
I got the balloons (new in package) and the 2 liter bottle wrappers (new) for $1!
I love a bargain!!

And I might have a problem with seasonal shirts.
However, it was on clearance, ha! :)

Levi's barely fit.  Doh!

The boys have a new addiction - strawberry Crush.

Our not-so-heart-shaped pizza.

My loves!

They wanted the balloons tied to their wrist. :)

They make my heart smile!

Friday, February 13, 2015

School Valentine's Party

My babies!  Where did they go?!
I can't take it!

Jacob had his school's Valentine's party today.
Another holiday, another seasonally correct shirt - my weakness.  :)

Little brother was more than excited to go! 

I had to document Jacob being the only student on Super Student! 
My everyday reminder of making good choices is hopefully paying off. :)

They played games, and look at Levi.  He's right up in there, too!

He made the cutest hat.

"I want my picture taken too, Mommy."
Jealous any? :)

Jacob gave me this envelope while at school.
"Your Secret Admirer"
Look at that precious spelling!  I love it!
However, I didn't open it just then.
Once we got home, I pulled into the garage and turned off the car and was about to get out.
Jacob handed me the envelope and asked me if I wanted to read it.
Of course I did!  Meanwhile the boys were getting out of the car and gathering their things.
I started reading the letter and instantly had tears.
He can have the sweetest heart!!!  I then heard a little knock on the window, I looked up and Jacob was standing there and he blew me a kiss!!!  And made a heart sign with his hands.
I.DIED!  Tears running!
"Beyond all the moms and dads, I think mine are the best (brother too).  They are the best parents in the whole wide world!  They are the sweetest parents ever!  I love them so much I could just squeeze them to pieces!  (which is something I tell my boys often!)  That's why I love you so much. 
Love, Jacob."
I am so blessed to be their momma! 

We ended the night watching A Charlie Brown Valentine.
I am so so blessed!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This and That

If you follow me on IG, you've probably seen most of these pics.
Since I like to print my blog, they're here, too.
A few weeks ago we went to my parents for the weekend.
Levi asked to hold my Bible in church.

While at my parents, Jacob was in the office and noticed the calendar on the wall.
My crazy mother put his birthday on the 23rd of March (wrong).
This was Jacob's response.  HA!  We got the biggest kick out of it!

He is still a crazy-position sleeper.

I love Levi's love for Super Teddy.

 Love when our cuddle times turn into his. :) 
Boys and lashes, not fair!

Having lunch with our favorite 2nd grader.

Last week Meme was in town, and she watched Levi for me while I went to a women's event at church. 
They surprised Kate at lunch.  Aren't they the cutest!

One good thing about Kris' work schedule is middle-of-the-day dates.
Meme watched the boys while we went to an afternoon showing of American Sniper.
Hardly anyone there, and it was such a good movie, albeit the language.
The boys love Steak and Shake!

All caught up!