Friday, February 27, 2015

Recent Happenings

The morning of Valentine's Day, the Scouts held a food drive.
Thankfully, it was a nice day.
Later we all rode bikes around the neighborhood.
I always feel bad because Jacob, Kris and I are able to coast when we want.
Poor little Levi's legs are going the entire time. 
I would love to get him off the training wheels this summer.
Then would you believe 2 days later it was snowing and school was cancelled! 
Ugh!  Arkansas weather!

I love finding these sweet keepsakes in Jacob's backpack!

Every Wednesday morning, Levi has swim lessons.
Afterwards he and I run around.  

I will truly miss my little buddy when he starts kindergarten.
Thankfully that won't be till next year.
I love our one-on-one time!
We cannot walk into Walmart without the boys breaking their necks to look at the claw machines.
This particular day a vendor will filling it.

Boy has it made!

"Look Mommy, my name!"
He asked me to take his picture! :)
Receiving an award for 'adding interesting information to our class talks.'  :)
I love him!
They bring me so much joy!

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Melody said...

Love the pics of Levi at Hobby Lobby!