Friday, February 13, 2015

School Valentine's Party

My babies!  Where did they go?!
I can't take it!

Jacob had his school's Valentine's party today.
Another holiday, another seasonally correct shirt - my weakness.  :)

Little brother was more than excited to go! 

I had to document Jacob being the only student on Super Student! 
My everyday reminder of making good choices is hopefully paying off. :)

They played games, and look at Levi.  He's right up in there, too!

He made the cutest hat.

"I want my picture taken too, Mommy."
Jealous any? :)

Jacob gave me this envelope while at school.
"Your Secret Admirer"
Look at that precious spelling!  I love it!
However, I didn't open it just then.
Once we got home, I pulled into the garage and turned off the car and was about to get out.
Jacob handed me the envelope and asked me if I wanted to read it.
Of course I did!  Meanwhile the boys were getting out of the car and gathering their things.
I started reading the letter and instantly had tears.
He can have the sweetest heart!!!  I then heard a little knock on the window, I looked up and Jacob was standing there and he blew me a kiss!!!  And made a heart sign with his hands.
I.DIED!  Tears running!
"Beyond all the moms and dads, I think mine are the best (brother too).  They are the best parents in the whole wide world!  They are the sweetest parents ever!  I love them so much I could just squeeze them to pieces!  (which is something I tell my boys often!)  That's why I love you so much. 
Love, Jacob."
I am so blessed to be their momma! 

We ended the night watching A Charlie Brown Valentine.
I am so so blessed!!!

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Erin said...

Sweet boys you have there.