Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Every year we head over to my sister's house for Halloween.
This year, a few of her neighbors had a mini party before heading out to trick or treat.
I made brownies and used a pumpkin-shaped cookie cuter.
Oh well, I tried
 {definitely need to work on the spider web, HA!  and i just realized i forgot noses for the pumpkins}

And here are the little trick or treaters!
Buzz, Jessie, and Woody from Toy Story!
{aka... Luke, Kate, Jacob}

And our precious little cow!

Sweet brothers

Here is most of the gang.
And I'm so happy Jacob got in there this time!

The pinata was a hit!  Pun intended! :)

Especially afterwards

Finally it was off to trick or treat!

I was so proud of Jacob for saying thank you after a few reminders :)

This picture cracks me up.
Little Luke was always bringing up the rear.  His little legs couldn't keep up.

Kate making sure that spider isn't real

Levi's first Halloween

This little outfit was Jacob's (no shock!).

My sister Beth and her little Buzz

And her mini-me, Jessie

Enjoying the ride

We had so much fun!
Can't wait for next year! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Sneak Peak

I'm so excited for Halloween tomorrow!
This will be the first time Jacob will actually go door-to-door and say "trick or treat".  

Last year at Halloween Jacob was so sick, too sick to even dress up.
Once he felt better, we tried his costume on and it was skin tight.
I would've been scrambling at the last second to find a new one had we gone out.

Here is his first Halloween 2007.
Such a sweet little cow.

Here is 2008.
I loved this costume because his daddy served in the Navy for 5yrs, so a little tribute to him.

 Here is a sneak peak for this year.
A hint of Jacob's costume...

And Levi's...

I'm like a little kid with my excitement!
Mainly because Jacob, my niece Kate and nephew Luke's costumes are part of a theme!
They will look so cute!  I would love to open the door and see their sweet little faces!
And of course, Levi will be just as precious in his.  

Stay tuned!  :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Love

We got out the Bumbo for Levi

I think he enjoyed the change of view

He is starting to drool, he can't keep those fingers out of his mouth

As seen below
{i love a baby in just a diaper!}

I want just one bite!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kate's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday was my sweet niece, Kate's, 4th birthday.
(she and Jacob are 5mos apart)

My sister had a fun-filled party on Sunday with crafts, pumpkin carving, chili and cake!
I attempted to make Strawberry Ghosts.  For my first time, I'd give myself a B.
But definitely room for improvement.

I also made these cute pumpkin-shaped cookie sandwiches

I also found this idea online and loved it!
Kris carved out the pumpkin for me and we filled with bottles of root beer.  It was a hit!
I forgot to take a picture of the real deal, but here's the one I saw online for inspiration.
I definitely recommend if you're heading to a Halloween party this weekend.

Here is Jacob working on his goody bag

What a great group photo of most of the kids!
Where's Jacob?!  He wouldn't put the toys down for a photo.  No way, not happening!  Ugh!
{doesn't Kate look so sweet!!}

Here is the craft table

Love this picture of my nephew Luke.
His expression says, "anyone looking?"
{you can kinda see my pumpkin cooler with the root beers}

Levi did a lot of snuggling with Meme

While Jacob did a lot of this
{just like his daddy!  HA!}

I cannot believe Kate is now 4.  She's such a smart little girl.
She calls me Aunt Sissy which I think is cute.
She notices/remembers everything.
One time she asked, "is that a new coat Aunt Sissy?"  
And it was!  HA!

Love you Kate!  Great party!  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Can't really swing when you lay like this  :)

Love when Jacob brings home these personal touches

Love my boys!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Levi, you are four months old today.  Inconceivable!
You are (and will hopefully remain) the best baby!!!
I cannot imagine our family without you!

Here is what you're up to these days:
*you are at least 14lbs (will know Monday when you have your 4mo. wellness check)
*wear a size 2 diaper
*now eating 6oz every 4hours
*which is the reason for your cheeks filling out :)

*still a great sleeper at night!  naps are not as long, but we'd rather you sleep at night anyway :)
*you smile all the time and we love it!!!
*you have the best giggle and we hear it often!!  so sweet!
*when we pick you up from daycare you recognize our face and immediately flash us that gummy grin!

*we cannot keep your fingers out of your mouth!
*sometimes we catch a thumb, but we will not have that!  :)
*you have rolled over from your back to your belly!
*but once you're on your belly, you don't know how to roll back and that frustrates you!

*Jacob loves you so much and says you're his best friend!  Love that!
*he loves to lay down with you under your gym!
*you startle very easily.  I just coughed and you jumped.
*you do really well in your car seat and ironically you do most of your 'talking' in the car

As I continue to say..
you are loved sweet baby!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chit Chat

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When I picked Jacob up from daycare, he was like this.
I didn't bother to change him, because like any good mother, I wanted to take his picture.  :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, we drove up to Southwest City, MO to go to the Right Choices Pumpkin Patch. This is our 3rd year to go, and I love this little tradition we've started.  And now Levi is a part of it!  :)

It is very kid friendly and we always enjoy our time there.
The weather was unseasonably warm, around 80 degrees!
Here Caleb and Jacob are trying to lift their pumpkin.

This slide was a hit!
even though Jacob refused to use the potato sack you're suppose to sit on

See in this picture, Caleb is using his, but Jacob isn't.
Kris is holding it.  I guess you pick your own battles, especially with a 3yr old.

A quick Levi check, he's good!

Off to the ever-so-long hayride.  Didn't think that thing would ever end, woo wee.
Why so serious, Jacob?

Me and my latest love.
{no stitch of makeup, I apologize}

Jacob and Caleb enjoying the ride

Then it was off to ride the cow train

Levi having fun?  Yep!

Family photo time

Then a little pumpkin ball

Mini photo shoot with the pumpkins.
Love this one of big-brother Jacob.

Those fingers must taste delish!

As we were heading home, we saw this train car and thought Jacob would love it, since he's current obsession is Thomas the Train.  Actually, his favorite is James (the red one), which you can barely see, but he's carrying it in his right hand below.

One happy little boy

We had a great day.  So sad my sister and her family couldn't join us as usual.  

And for fun, here's a quick walk down memory lane:

Our family 2009.
Actually Levi was with us, just didn't know yet. (wink!)  :)

Love this of Jacob, my niece Kate, and nephew Luke

Our family 2008

Haha!  This was our first time there.  Wasn't sure how fast the slide would be, so I went down with him.  

As you can see, he loved it.
I just love this picture of my sweet niece Kate behind Jacob and John smiling in the background.

Where's this sweet baby boy?  Tear.

Ok, this may be the longest post in history.
If you've made it this far, thanks for sticking around. :)