Saturday, October 23, 2010


Levi, you are four months old today.  Inconceivable!
You are (and will hopefully remain) the best baby!!!
I cannot imagine our family without you!

Here is what you're up to these days:
*you are at least 14lbs (will know Monday when you have your 4mo. wellness check)
*wear a size 2 diaper
*now eating 6oz every 4hours
*which is the reason for your cheeks filling out :)

*still a great sleeper at night!  naps are not as long, but we'd rather you sleep at night anyway :)
*you smile all the time and we love it!!!
*you have the best giggle and we hear it often!!  so sweet!
*when we pick you up from daycare you recognize our face and immediately flash us that gummy grin!

*we cannot keep your fingers out of your mouth!
*sometimes we catch a thumb, but we will not have that!  :)
*you have rolled over from your back to your belly!
*but once you're on your belly, you don't know how to roll back and that frustrates you!

*Jacob loves you so much and says you're his best friend!  Love that!
*he loves to lay down with you under your gym!
*you startle very easily.  I just coughed and you jumped.
*you do really well in your car seat and ironically you do most of your 'talking' in the car

As I continue to say..
you are loved sweet baby!!


Kelley said...

He is growing so fast! He is the cutest thing ever! I love his smile! Hope he and my Mady can meet sometime.

The Branches said...

What a sweetie pie! He looks like such a good natured baby from the pictures! They grow sooooo fast!

The Robinsons said...

He's a cutie! And getting so big.

♥ helen said...

you have a happy baby :)

Jacquie said...

Those are just the sweetest pictures. He's adorable, but you already know that.