Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kate's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday was my sweet niece, Kate's, 4th birthday.
(she and Jacob are 5mos apart)

My sister had a fun-filled party on Sunday with crafts, pumpkin carving, chili and cake!
I attempted to make Strawberry Ghosts.  For my first time, I'd give myself a B.
But definitely room for improvement.

I also made these cute pumpkin-shaped cookie sandwiches

I also found this idea online and loved it!
Kris carved out the pumpkin for me and we filled with bottles of root beer.  It was a hit!
I forgot to take a picture of the real deal, but here's the one I saw online for inspiration.
I definitely recommend if you're heading to a Halloween party this weekend.

Here is Jacob working on his goody bag

What a great group photo of most of the kids!
Where's Jacob?!  He wouldn't put the toys down for a photo.  No way, not happening!  Ugh!
{doesn't Kate look so sweet!!}

Here is the craft table

Love this picture of my nephew Luke.
His expression says, "anyone looking?"
{you can kinda see my pumpkin cooler with the root beers}

Levi did a lot of snuggling with Meme

While Jacob did a lot of this
{just like his daddy!  HA!}

I cannot believe Kate is now 4.  She's such a smart little girl.
She calls me Aunt Sissy which I think is cute.
She notices/remembers everything.
One time she asked, "is that a new coat Aunt Sissy?"  
And it was!  HA!

Love you Kate!  Great party!  


Jacquie said...

What a fun party! I like how you describe your neice...and I got tickled at the coat comment. Ha!

Ciera said...

That looks like a great party!!! You have such cute crafty ideas! I love the strawberry ghosts... so cute!

Vanessa said...

The strawberry ghosts are a great idea. Looked like a great party!

Beth said...

What a great recap. Thank you so much for making the cute little treats. Everyone oooh'd and awe'd over them. All my friends know you are going to come up with something really cute! Wish I could have tried just one thing! They were gone so fast. Love the pic of Jacob working on his bag and him eating the cake.

amywelborn said...

CUTE ghosts!!! I may have to steal some of your ideas@!!! Love them!

Kelley said...

I love the cooler idea! Your ghosts and pumpkins turned out great from the pictures. It looks like everyone had a good time. What find ideas you guys have!