Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good times with friends

Yesterday the boys and I went over to the Winberrys to watch the Razorback game.  
Another sad loss, but a lot of bad calls.  

Jacob had so much fun playing with Caleb.
I have no idea why this picture came out so dark, the flash was on.  Ugh.
{poor Caleb took a nose dive in the driveway falling off his bike.  he's got a few boo boos.}

These stairs they are on were quite the entertainment for Jacob.
As soon as I told Jacob we were going over to Caleb's house, he asked, "and play on stairs?"  

Levi enjoyed himself as well.  
He was rooting for the Hogs too, but once they started trailing, he spit-up on his jersey.  :)

Thank you Melody & David for having us over.  Good times!

We also went to the Pumpkin Patch with the Winberrys today too.
Will do a recap of that tomorrow.  Long day.  I'm pooped.


Kelley said...

I love the pictures! Levi is getting so big. So is Mady. It makes me sad. The 2nd ones seem to grow faster for some reason. Hope you got to rest a little this weekend!

Jacquie said...

I love Levi's spit-up timing! Ha!!