Monday, August 30, 2010

Wait for it.......I cooked!

I have created a new dish that just might be my new favorite.
And for anyone who knows me, I do not cook, so this is BIG!  :)

Any by no means was this hard or made from scratch.
In fact, I'm pretty sure a 5th grader (or possibly younger) could make it.

What it is you wonder?  Have you ever heard of chicken alfredo?  LOL  :)
(I inadvertently left out the chicken in the photo above)

I took one skinless/boneless chicken breast and cut into small pieces then cooked in skillet.
Then added the jar of alfredo, a few shakes of the Italian seasoning, and the drained diced tomatoes.

Let that heat through and added to the cooked angel hair pasta, which is also my new fave! 
I will never go back to spaghetti noodles!

And viola!

And best of all, Kris likes it.  HAHA!  :)
Score!  Hope I haven't set his expectations high!  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I did it!

I went to Walmart today with both boys by myself!  :)

Kris works every Saturday 7am-7pm (don't get me started on that), and so we were climbing the walls this afternoon, so I thought we'd venture out.  I knew my options were limited on where we would go because I needed a cart to push them both in.  I went to Tarjay yesterday, so today was Walmart.  :)

And it didn't matter that my cart was filled to the brim before we stepped into the store!  HA!  
However, somehow I managed to walk out $39 later.  :)

And seriously, 2minutes into the store Jacob says and I repeat, "mommy, I need to poop".  
Grrrrrrrrrrrreat!  Surprisingly that thought left his mind when he saw the bikes.  

Later we met my sister Beth, aka Aunt B at Dillard's.  
They were having a great sale - take additional 30% off the already reduced merchandise.  Music to my ears!
(btw, I pushed Levi in his stroller and Beth pushed Jacob in his umbrella stroller in case you were wondering)  hehe!

I picked up Levi a pair of Stride Rite shoes for $10, regularly $30!  
(And they are for when he's walking, I don't put shoes on him this young)
He also got a cute onesie for $2 and a couple of rompers $2.50ea.  

And I got a couple pairs of shoes for $13 each!!
I'm really excited about the sandals!!

Thanks Aunt B for the shopping trip!
I could've stayed in there forever if I didn't have the boys!
Probably a good thing they were with me!

Oh, and Jacob asked 1000 times if he could ride the stairs, meaning escalator.  
We went up and down one time.  Luckily that was enough for him - easy pleaser.

p.s.  thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my last post!
I appreciate you thinking and praying for our little boy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prayer Request

I shared in this post that a heart murmur was heard in sweet Levi shortly after he was born.
He's had 3 Echos and 2 EKGs in his short 2 months and he was diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis.
At first his condition was mild and it was explained to us the 'road ahead'.

Yesterday we had a follow up Echo and EKG, and I'm saddened to say his condition has gotten worse.
The pressure has increased in the valve to allow blood flow.
The cardiologist informed us that he will need the 'balloon' procedure where a catheter is inserted through a vein in his leg and the valve is opened with the balloon.
He will have this procedure in September at AR Children's Hospital in Little Rock.

So we begin this journey...
We knew it was to come at some point, but didn't think it would be this early.

He will continue to have Echos and EKGs to monitor the valve as he grows.
If needed, more catheter balloon procedures will be done.
This is not a permanent fix.

Ultimately, we want to avoid replacing the valve entirely.
But this can be done if need be.

I know Levi is in God's hands and I'm at total peace that the Lord will carry us through this journey.
Please pray that Levi has a completely healthy life and he will overcome this 'bump in the road'.
Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated so much!

So, speaking of him...  :)

Here are the many faces of Levi captured lately.  
Love them all!!

And can't forget big brother Jacob!
Who might be a tad jealous of Levi.  :)
(he is in the same papasan chair as Levi above)

Little stinker!

Gotta love him!  And I do... so much!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photo Frame Wall

I want to do something in our bare hallway, and I've seen several blogs that have a photo frame wall.  I've always loved the idea and our friends have a lovely one in their home, so I decided to tackle this project.  

I bought my frames at both Hobby Lobby & Walmart.  
I 'mapped' them out on the floor to get a visual and now have questions:

1).  Should I leave the letter K gold or paint it black?  or a different color altogether?
2).  I thought about adding a frame (with no glass) around the K as well.  Yea or nea?
3).  If I do some black & white photos, should they all be b&w? or will some in color be ok?  

As you can tell, I have zero sense in style and I'm sure I'm over analyzing, but I do need help!  :)
For anyone stopping by, please feel free to leave a comment!!!
I appreciate any help! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

That does not go there!

Just got 2 popcorn kernels out of Jacob's nose!
He's been home from daycare 2hrs!
Who knows how long they have been up there!

We didn't know how we were going to get them out, luckily he threw a fit and ended up blowing them out.  HA!  

We had a long talk about never ever ever ever never ever doing this again.
I'm too young for a heart attack!!

Oh, and I took a picture.  HA!

Monthly Onesie

I've had a few people ask me where I got the onesie for Levi with the month on it.  
Like them, I thought it was a onesie.  I wondered why someone would buy a onesie that could only be worn for a short time.  Then I came across them online and realized they are stickers people!!  How cute is that?!

I ordered them from Etsy and here is the link.  
There are soooo many cuter ones that I see now, that I didn't see when I was ordering Levi's.  
His are still cute, but I might have considered these since my dad drives a dump truck for a living.  :)

No words.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Levi, you are 2 months old today!
This momma is so sad!  The time is going by way too fast!
Here are a few things you're up to these days:

*you wear a size 1 diaper
*you wear 0-3mos clothes
*you love the swing, and within no time fall asleep in it
*I could cut/file your nails everyday - they grow so fast!
*obviously you didn't remember today was picture day, because you scratched your nose :(

*you typically eat 4oz every 3-4hours
*you are a great sleeper.  we lay you down for the night around 11pm.  you get up between 3-4am for a feeding, then it's back to bed till 7:30am!  mommy and daddy love that!
*you have definitely noticed Jacob, and will follow him with your eyes around the room.  So sweet!

*you go in a couple of weeks for your 2month checkup, so we'll know your actual weight and height then, but if I had to guess I'd say you weigh around 12-13lbs.  
*you will also receive your first set of shots then, and I will probably cry with you.  
*you aren't the biggest fan of tummy time, however, you definitely last longer at it than your brother!

*you are the best baby!  so mellow, just go with the flow.  nothing upsets you.
*still not much of a crier.  and we are not complaining!  I've never known a baby to cry as little as you.
*and the biggest notice we've seen in you is all the talking and cooing!  We love it!!!

Thank you Levi for blessing our lives each day with all your sweetness.
I want to squeeze you so bad it hurts!  :)
Love, love, love you!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boots & Movies

Today when I picked Jacob up from daycare, he was wearing a pair of these:

And no, he did not leave the house this morning with them on.  
If I didn't have Levi with me, I would've ran to the car to get my camera.  It was so funny!
Can't wait to tell his dad.

Kris and I have been on a movie kick recently.  We have netflix which works for us because we tend to keep movies longer than we should.  While being on maternity leave, we watched a few at home and have also had the privilege of going to the movies.  Thanks Aunt B!

Here are a few we've seen:
This was really good.  Great special effects!!  
I personally needed a couple of explanations which Kris loved, but overall I'd give it an A+.  
Can't go wrong with Leo.

This was good too.  Had the expected Will Ferrell (stupid) humor which I love.
And surprisingly Mark Wahlberg was funny too.  I give it an A-

We finally saw Up.  Kris, Jacob and I got settled to watch it and about 15mins into it, Jacob got this scared look on his face and begged us to turn it off.  We did, then asked what was wrong.  He never explained, it was so odd.  He loves the Lion King and thinks he's Scar and loves to roar in your face (which is another post) so what he was afraid of I dunno.  We finished watching it after he went to bed.  I thought it was very cute and even got a little teary eyed.  Another A+

Guess we're on a Leo kick too, actually just a ca-winky-dink.  
Again I had questions.  Sheesh Leo!!  And if you're wondering, yes, Kris hates watching movies with me.  
But to my defense, I said up front I would save any question to the end.  :)
During the movie I was like what??????  But at the end they explained everything, Kris was happy he didn't have to this time.  HAHA!  After the pieces of the puzzle were put together, I liked it.  HAHA!  No really!!
I give it an A

 As expected, super cute!  Loved it!  I have a girl crush on Jennifer Garner.  I think she's so cute and we could easily be friends.  Not sure if I've ever admitted that until now.  
I give it A+.  Don't know if Kris would agree, and yes he watched with me.  :)

Up next...

Hope to watch this sometime this weekend.  Heard it was funny!

This is not my kind of movie!  I will NOT be watching this.  
Kris asked if I would put this in our queue on Netflix since we've watched what I wanted lately, so I obliged.  
There will be no review, you'll have to watch for yourself.  :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

County Fair

We went to the fair yesterday evening.  Despite the heat, we had fun!

Here is my niece Kate waving.  Kris and Jacob are behind her and Beth

Here is Kate and Jacob riding the Flintstone cars

Intrigued by the monkey

This little guy was having fun too

Our little family

Jacob had never had cotton candy before.  
He did not like it sticking to his fingers - he tried shaking it off.
It was so funny.  

Good times!  Hope to make sweet memories doing this every year with the boys.  


Yesterday was also the first day of school.
When I picked Jacob up from daycare his teacher gave me this:

I didn't know if I should cry then or later.
It hit me that we are 2 short years away from him walking into kindergarten.  
Boo hoo!

This is actually a neat calendar.  It lists at what month your child should be doing certain activities.  
I just can't believe it's already time to be thinking of that day.  
I will be one emotional momma.  And of course taking pictures for the blog.  :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting to Know Me

I thought I would list a few "randoms" about myself for anyone stopping by :)

I am the youngest of 2, and I use the word young very loosely
I was born and raised in Arkansas.  Now raising my own family in the Natural State
My school mascot was a Sand Lizard.  That makes me laugh as most people say "a what?"  :)
I am 5'2" and hate it!
I climbed the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza on my honeymoon

I prefer the Today Show over Good Morning America
I love any apple dessert
Back in the day, I had a slight obsession for Celine Dion.  Ok, maybe I still like her
I played the saxophone in band.  Some of my greatest childhood memories are from the band stands :)
I had 7 stitches in my right thumb when I was 5, or was I 4?  I vividly remember my mom laying on top of me so they could sew me up.  
I was the biggest tom boy growing up, reason for above statement.  So much that I told my mom to call me Jason.  HAHA!  :)  Now that makes me laugh.  
I can quote the entire movie of Girls Just Want to Have Fun
My parents have been married for 37yrs and I hope to say the same someday
Speaking of, my mom scarred me for life when she put that last E in my name.  No one gets it right
I love to type
I hate hard boiled eggs

Well I guess I will wrap that up.  :)
I really don't have too many interesting facts about myself now that I think about it.  

Hopefully tomorrow I can post something more fun.  We are going to the fair tonight!
Should be fun, can't wait!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I'm Lovin'

Here are just a few things I'm lovin' right now:

1.  The county fair starts tomorrow!  
Can't wait to take Jacob, and maybe eat a funnel cake or cotton candy or ???  :)

*2.  My new Yankee candle!
Smells so good!

*3.  My new bracelets I found on clearance at Belk.  Oh yeah!

*4.  My new super cheap consignment capris

5.  This soap from Bath and Body Works
I wash my hands right before bed and sleep like a baby.  HA!

6.  My handyman husband will soon be adding a chair rail and painting the lower half in the dining room
(here's a before pic, will post an after hopefully next week)

*7.  I'm not a coffee drinker... until now!
My sister Beth has introduced me to the White Mocha Iced (decaf) Coffee.  Yum-O!
This could be bad.


On a separate note...  Beth and I have ran around town the last two days, which I have thoroughly enjoyed!  Today we stopped at a couple of consignment stores and this caught our eye:

*purchased with Beth during our shopping excursion

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jacob Reading

Jacob Reading from Kimberley Key on Vimeo.

We were reading the book "Becoming a Big Brother" multiple times to Jacob before we had Levi.
We would replace the names to ones he would recognize - Jacob, Meme, Papaw, etc...  One night I heard him in his room reading this book to himself.  I quickly grabbed the video camera and tiptoed to his room.  He did this for a good 30 minutes between several books.  So sweet!!!  If you turn the volume up, you will hear him ask "read stories?  OK."  And I like how he reads the book and shows the pages like they do in school.  :)  I was one proud momma with a big grin on my face!

And excuse his room for looking like a daycare!  :)


{major cutie}

Indeed!  :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Follow

I guess I've been under a rock, because I didn't know Fridays is the designated day to find new blogs to follow and also gain a few followers for yourself.

Thank you Erika for the introduction.  :)

I linked my blog to the ones hosting below.    
If you stop by, say hello and let me know.  
I'd love to visit your blog too!  :)

My Wee View

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our day

Today I watched my niece & nephew for a couple of hours while my sister had a meeting.
They played really well together, especially in Jacob's room while he was at school.
I first thought Luke was hurting Kate, but she was quick to tell me she's OK.  

Levi was asleep when they got here, but after he woke up their attention went straight to him.
I could not get both of them to look at the camera and smile at the same time, so here's 2 pictures.

When we get home from picking up Jacob, he always wants to ride his tricycle.
Apparently he does not understand it's 100 degrees outside...  we resort to bringing it inside.

He insisted wearing his sunglasses.

I could stare into these beautiful eyes all day!

I've always said he has lashes for days :)

I've noticed Levi's are starting to fill out too.
I'm so sure for my boys to have longer lashes than me!