Monday, August 30, 2010

Wait for it.......I cooked!

I have created a new dish that just might be my new favorite.
And for anyone who knows me, I do not cook, so this is BIG!  :)

Any by no means was this hard or made from scratch.
In fact, I'm pretty sure a 5th grader (or possibly younger) could make it.

What it is you wonder?  Have you ever heard of chicken alfredo?  LOL  :)
(I inadvertently left out the chicken in the photo above)

I took one skinless/boneless chicken breast and cut into small pieces then cooked in skillet.
Then added the jar of alfredo, a few shakes of the Italian seasoning, and the drained diced tomatoes.

Let that heat through and added to the cooked angel hair pasta, which is also my new fave! 
I will never go back to spaghetti noodles!

And viola!

And best of all, Kris likes it.  HAHA!  :)
Score!  Hope I haven't set his expectations high!  


Ciera said...


Brittany said...

We'll have to try this - it looks GOOD!! :)

Kelley said...

That looks delicious. I'll have to make it.

Karen said...

Thanks for the laugh! I didn't even get to the writing below the picture and I was laughing! It does look good though!