Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trip to Meme and Papaw's Part 1

We went to my parents house over the weekend and had a great time.
Jacob did not want to leave!  He was surrounded by big trucks and a 4wheeler!

My dad has driven a dump truck for over 37yrs and within the last few years, he's expanded his business and bought a few more trucks and has drivers working for him.  Go dad!  :)
On Saturday, he bought another truck and he worked on it this weekend getting it ready for work.  Jacob was in heaven!  He was Papaw's little shadow the entire time!  He could not get enough of the trucks!    

Here they are taking a break.  

Sitting in the cab

We put a lot of miles on the 4wheeler.  He wanted my dad to ride him, but he was too busy so I said I would (afterall, I grew up on one).  Jacob exclaimed, "you can't ride, you're a girl!".  We got a good laugh and then I had to prove him wrong.  HA!  

Meanwhile, Levi did a lot of this

And then poor Jacob took a nose dive in the driveway and busted his lip.  
He quickly recovered and was right back out there!

Oh, and to make matters worse... once we got home, we were unloading the car and I mashed Jacob's fingers in the car door!  I had to open the door to get his fingers out.  I've never heard a scream from him like that before, and I hope I never do again.  It was the worst feeling seeing him in so much pain for something I did.  Luckily they are not broken, just a little bruised and sore.  Poor baby had a rough weekend.  

Up next, all the yummy food!  Stay tuned.


Beth said...

so funny that Jacob said you can't ride because you are a girl! Poor little dude. Levi looks so sweet....

kimmie said...

It looks like your parents are surrounded with beautiful land..great for 4 wheeling! Poor Jacob...hope his lip and fingers are feeling better..I know it broke your heart.

Brittany said...

That picture of your mom and Levi. It took my breath away, seriously! How beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I added you to my blog list because I love keeping up with you and your sweet boys! :)