Monday, September 27, 2010

My Loves

Kris normally works Saturdays, but he took off this past Saturday and we watched the Razorback game.
It was a great game, but somehow we managed to lose in the end.  Ugh!
Talk about ruining your day.

Here's a funny story... after the game we went over to my parents house for dinner who were watching my niece and nephew.  I knew it would be a zoo once all the kiddos got together plus we were taking a new toy over there - Jacob's idea.  We were setting ourselves up for disaster.  Within an hour I asked Kris if he was ready.  I was done with the crying, pushing, whining, pulling, etc...    

As we were driving away I said, "ya know, they normally play well.  Not sure what that was about."
And Kris says, "well they did for 3 quarters."
I looked at him and said, "what??".
He was still thinking about the game!!!!!!!!!!

We got a good laugh.  :)


Ciera said...

Haha that is too funny :)

Our Crazy Bunch said...

Oh that's funny! And I was totally pulling for you guys to win too even if your team beat ours the week before.

Jacquie said...

That's funny. Glad y'all got a Saturday together. Finally.

Kelley said...

That's funny! I bet it was fun getting them together. We love playing with cousins.

The Robinsons said...

too funny. love the boys in their razorback gear.