Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where I blog

I saw on another blog about a post of where they blog. 
This lady had such a cute personal space to call her own.

Unfortunately I don't have room for that in our house, so this is my spot...
Smack dab in the living room!  And I usually have a little monkey crawling all over me.  :)
So there it is, that's how I communicate to the world via blog  :)

How about you?  Where do you blog? 


Kelley said...

I blog in the living room, too. I guess it it just easier that way.

Brittany said...

Me too!! I'm in the living room on the couch with my little monkeys wanting to push keys, shut the screen, you name it and they'll be doing it!

I also usually try to blog during naptime or after bedtime....but it doesn't always happen either! :)

kimmie said...

yep....that's me...right on the couch with cords going across my lap..i need wireless!! my little monkey is usually in bed or he would be trying to bang on the keyboard

Karen said...

I'm in my spare room and actually sitting at a desk! LOL

Jacquie said...

I, too, am in the living room. Usually on the couch and often with my dog cuddled up with me since my boys are now 23 and 21! Ha!

(Lovin' your newly painted dining room behind you!!)