Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day!

While the boys patiently waited for Kris to get home, I made them breakfast.

I was going for a snowman look, but when Levi said, "I love the gingerbread, Mommy!", Gingerbread it was! :)

Snaggletooth (and i don't like it one bit!)
Look at these cute labels Santa used ;)

And my most precious gifts of all!
Two special necklaces from Jacob (bought at his school's holiday shop).
Kris finally got home and it was down to business! :)

Around lunch time, we headed over to Meme's and the kiddos opened gifts from my mom.

They are/we are spoiled!! 
So much to be thankful for!! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Service

We attended the Christmas Eve service at church.
Kris had to work, boo!

They sang an acappella version of 'Mary, Did You Know?' while we lit candles.
It was so beautiful!!

 Afterwards we came home, and we left cookies and milk for Santa.
And Jacob left this nice note.
"Dear Santa, do not touch these toys.  They are just watching to see if you got us the right presents.
From Jacob and Levi."  LOL!!!! :)
 Since Kris works nights, he typically gets home at 7:45am.
I told my early risers that even if they get up before Daddy got home (which I knew they would), they would have to wait until Kris got home.
Too mean?  :) 
They were up at
So yes, that's how long they had to wait!! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

We all got together at Beth's house on Christmas Eve Eve.
Looking back, we didn't really need to since we were all together on Christmas, ha!
We (adults) always draw names, and this year so did the kids.
Kate bought for Jacob and Luke for Levi (and vice versa).

Levi is living in his Superman costume!!!

We also played Win, Lose or Draw.
And when it was Levi's turn, we laughed so hard!
It was so funny!

We played 100 rounds of Dominoes.
Serious stuff, folks.

We are pretty certain Levi will be the class clown. :)

Tuckered out from all that clowin' around ;)

And our annual Christmas Hat pic :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rewind & Recap

Jacob's scout pack went roller skating, and I use that word loosely ;) 
Levi sure did have a great time, too! 
 I took the boys to our town's Christmas parade.
The weather was great!

We've never put lights on our house, but this year Kris was kind enough per the boys' request.  :)
And of course, they love the 'blow up' :)

We drove around in our Christmas PJs, the boys that is, looking at Christmas lights.

During the last week of KDO before Christmas break, it was pajama day!
Every year we have been so lucky to walk right up to Santa without waiting in a line!
Not so sure what Santa was wearing(?).

Luke helping Meme put up her Christmas tree.
My sweet loves before church.
And I tried laying down Levi's hair, but it has a mind of its own!
And I have NO IDEA how this happened, but Levi lost his first tooth.
We knew it was sort of loose, but I didn't think it was anywhere near coming out!
He was playing behind the love seat, went down with his tooth, and came up without it!
So weird!
And I do not like it one bit!!!  It totally changes his looks!
And did I mention he's my baby!?!   And 4.5?!?!  Way too young for this!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Welcome back, Henry!

Our elf, Henry, arrived December 1st.
The boys were so excited! 

Jacob asked why Henry had a tag on his leg.
So not sure how much longer he'll be a believer. 

Henry brought them the movie Polar Express.

A local baker made a batch of cute Elf cookies, and I snatched two. 

The boys loved them!
Like I said, Jacob has asked a few questions about Henry and Santa. 
So next year I may only be doing this for Levi.
IF (and big if) Jacob can keep a secret. :)