Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day!

While the boys patiently waited for Kris to get home, I made them breakfast.

I was going for a snowman look, but when Levi said, "I love the gingerbread, Mommy!", Gingerbread it was! :)

Snaggletooth (and i don't like it one bit!)
Look at these cute labels Santa used ;)

And my most precious gifts of all!
Two special necklaces from Jacob (bought at his school's holiday shop).
Kris finally got home and it was down to business! :)

Around lunch time, we headed over to Meme's and the kiddos opened gifts from my mom.

They are/we are spoiled!! 
So much to be thankful for!! 

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The Crowder Family said...

What adorable pictures! I love the snowman/gingerbread man pancakes! And I love the "Jesus warms my heart" mugs! But the sweetest--the necklaces, hands down!!