Sunday, January 4, 2015

Texas Bowl - Go Hogs!

Beth received 4 tickets to the Texas Bowl.
She graciously asked Kris and I to attend. 
Thankfully, Kris' mom was in town and she was able to watch the boys.

Hotel Room selfie

Me and Sissy

U of A

Always love the big 'A' 
 Go Hogs!
Can you tell I love the band? :)
The panoramic didn't turn out, boo :(

This is the only pic I took of the game, which actually isn't the game per se. 
These players prayed before the game.
We had a great time in Houston (our first time there, too).
Thank you Bayeth for inviting us!


Erin said...

Jealous! Glad you got to go.

The Crowder Family said...

So much fun! What cute pictures of y'all too!!