Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little Love. Big Heart.

Today Levi had his yearly Echo & EKG on his little heart.
We truly are blessed to be Levi Scott's parents.
He is the most laid-back child I have ever met!
He has such a precious soul.
And I'm told numerously how sweet he is.
It truly makes my momma heart swell! 
We waited in the waiting room for almost an hour.
He never complained one bit.
In fact, he made himself at home. ;)
I even offered him to play a game on my phone, and he declined.
This sweet pumpkin never gives us any problems.
Never throws fits, never did as a two year old either.
I remember saying when he was a baby, "this baby never cries."
He's always content.
He is the textbook child. 
I wish every parent, especially first-time parents, could experience a child like him.

We received the best news at his appointment!
His little heart is doing perfect.
At 3mos we had to take him to Arkansas Children's Hospital for a balloon procedure to open his aortic valve.  He receives Echos and EKGs annually to monitor his valve.
And year after year, we are told, "it looks great!"
We thank God for watching over Levi.
It's my prayer we never have to step foot into that hospital again.
I know the Lord has big plans for Levi!!


The Crowder Family said...

Praise God!! I am so glad to hear that sweet Levi had a great report! I agree with you--God has big plans for your cutie!!

Erin said...

What a doll! Inside and out. So happy that you all got such great news.