Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Durango, CO

On our way back from Silverton, we stopped in Durango at the Durango Mountain Ski Resort.
I heard the Alpine Slide was a must.
Levi was young enough to ride with Kris, and Jacob got to ride by himself (which I was a tad nervous about). 
You had to ride a chair lift to the top.  Jacob's first time, he loved it.
You basically ride a sled down the slope.
You can ride side by side, and that is what Jacob and I did.
You can control you speed thank goodness, and I actually had to tell Jacob to slow down so I could catch up. :) 

So stinkin' FUN!!!!

I should backup.  They had to stop the chair lift 3 times because Levi DID NOT want to ride!
Jacob and I were ahead of them and I could hear his wailing loud and clear!
I knew he would like the slide, we just needed to get him to the top. :)  

Luckily he calmed down and sat still for the ride.
I should point out that it was Kris' first time riding too, and he's not the biggest fan of heights. 
HA! :)
It was sooo fun!!  Highly recommend!!
We also stopped at a train museum. 
The boys could've stayed there all day!

The models they had set up were pretty cool. 
They watched the trains run all throughout the little town.
I just realized it looks like Levi is touching it, but he was just pointing (his 2 fingers crack me up!).

Meme and Papaw were generous enough to give the kiddos some spending money for the trip.
Both boys decided on a train set, go figure!
(same train, different colors)
Thank you Meme and Papaw!!!!
 A little video with some commentary from the little people :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of Second Grade!

First day of school!!  I can't believe it's here and I have a 2nd grader!
He looks 13!
Being sweet and innocent with his teacher ;)

Kept the tradition with the BTS tablescape.
I bought the Starbucks drinks in the glass container (a 4pk).
Took 2 and painted with chalkboard paint.
Thank you Pinterest.

While Jacob was at school, we ran around this morning and stopped at a consignment shop.
I saw this Melissa&Doug wooden bus (brand new!) and I had to get it :)
Coming home! 
Ready to hear about his day!
Obligatory comparison pic.
Who is this big kid?!?! 
And where is Jacob!?
Meanwhile, we heard roughly 12,849 times, "is it time for Jacob?" from this guy!
We are ready for a new school year!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Colorado Road Trip Part II

So if I had the patience, I would put all these pictures in order.
But I don't, so they are all over the place, in no particular order.
Let's keep trucking...
Silverton is such a neat little town.
And pretty cool you can see it driving down the mountain.

Our guide, Morgan, rowed us all down the San Juan River. 
He was hilarious and made the day so fun!

Self-timer pic :)