Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lucky Charms!

Before I recap Easter, here are a couple of pics from St. Patrick's Day. :)
Lucky to be their momma!
Puffy heart him so!
This is a pic of a pic because I didn't buy it.
But look at this pose!
He got ketchup on his shirt and pics were after lunch.
A few days later he found a 4-leaf clover! 
I know you can't see it, but there were 4! :)

Go #13!!

My nephew, Luke (aka Luke Buddy), recently played basketball with Upward.
Is he not the cutest?!

We made it to his last game that was bright and early one Saturday morning.
But since Jacob gets up with the chickens, we were still able to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel beforehand.

Sweet cousins and friends.

Later we went to Walmart, and we ran into Thomas the Train. :)

Love these boys!!


It's no secret.
I love taking pictures of the boys asleep.
I mainly only get Levi because he'll fall asleep on the couch or our bed before bedtime.
Jacob on the other hand would stay up till midnight every night!

Let's Bowl!

 My poor blog...
I've lost my blogging mojo. 
But I'm not ready to give it up just yet. 
A few weeks back we went bowling one Saturday night with Beth and her family.
Kids loved it! 
Kris and I made a bet... whomever lost had to iron the boys' church clothes.
And I didn't have to iron!! :)

When it was my turn to bowl, someone hacked my phone :)

This kid.
Rough night of bowling.
Someone snuck in Jacob's bed :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

8 is Great!!

 Happy 8th Birthday, Jacob!!!
His last night as a 7yr old. 
He got a new bike and the game Sorry :)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was his theme this year. 
His cake was super cute and yummy!

Could not love his smile more :)

However, this fake smile I could do without, ha!

Kate and Luke made Jacob the cutest cards with Ninja turtles on them :)
Each kiddo got a cakepop as a favor.  Delish!
We love you, Jacob! 
To the moon and back and back again!
 Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet

A couple of weeks ago the Cub Scouts went to Williams-Sonoma to learn how to decorate cakes :)

Jacob's turned out really well.  I didn't touch it :)

Naturally Levi had to make one too :)
Last week was the Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet.
(celebrating the Scouts anniversary)
As a pack, we decided to have a cake decorating contest.
Each Scout made a cake and then the boys voted on their favorite.
I knew Levi would want to make one too, so he and I made one together.
Of course we had to wear hairnets per Meme. :)

 The finished product!
(we are Pack 136)

 Jacob wanted to make his cake to resemble a Pinewood Derby car/track. 
Of course we used the trusty Pinterest for ideas.

I helped decorate, and this is the only pic I took.
Kris made the cute little firewood :)

Reciting the Scout pledge :)

Later we had a face painting ceremony.
blue = bob cat paw print
white = purity
green = nature
red = courage

All the boys, including Levi, and their cakes.

Jacob's won!!! :)

And the best part of the night, Meme and Papaw were in town and were able to attend!
It was a really fun night!