Sunday, May 8, 2016

Film Festival

Our little town hosted a film festival co-founded by Geena Davis!
It's to promote women in film both on and off the camera.
This was the 2nd year for it, and the downtown area is so fun during this time.

Next year when both boys are in school, I'm gonna go to the square and hunt for celebrities.
I know Harry Connick Jr, Meg Ryan, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Bruce Dern, and Geena herself were among the famous faces spotted.

Speaking of Geena Davis... Friday night our church hosted a magic show, so I took the boys.
While we were waiting (on the front row), Geena herself walks right passed us!
By the time I got my camera turned on, she had her back to us. Ha!

Later she got called onto stage to help with a trick.

 Only in Bentonville would a giant M&M show up at church :) 

Love where we live!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Last Day of PreK

STILL waiting for that tooth, ha!

 I had to do a comparison to torture myself of the very first day he went to school.

Goodness, that went by too fast!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Levi's PreK Graduation

Oh my heart!

Levi graduated from PreK.
I cannot handle the cuteness!!!

He won the "Dove Award" for his class.
for being the peacemaker of his class :)

 He loves to wear a bow tie!  

So proud of my little honeybun!



He is so ready for kindergarten!
I love his excitement!

Friday, April 29, 2016


Love when he brings home an award from school.
'Persevering when solving difficult math problems'
This is a good thing, because I hate math, ha!

Levi playing in the rain.

Celebrating Levi's girlfriend's birthday :)

Friday, April 1, 2016

Recent Phone Pics

When Jacob got home from school on April 1st, I told him I made some "brownies".
He thought it was funny!

My little loves who are getting too big!

Goodness, he makes my heart swoon!

Does anyone else have kids who sleep like this?

Interesting... Levi is fan of strawberries all of the sudden. :)

Love their bond.

Jacob found a $1 on the sidewalk

Tornado watch sent us to the storm shelter at 1am.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Scout Outing

The Scouts recently got to visit a house that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Here is a quick explanation how it got here :)

This house was originally built for Gloria Bachman Wilson and Abraham Wilson in 1954 along the Millstone River in New Jersey. It was subsequently purchased by architect/designer team Lawrence and Sharon Tarantino in 1988 and meticulously restored. However, the structure was threatened by repeated flooding at its original location, and the Tarantinos eventually determined that selling the house to an institution willing to relocate it was the best option for its preservation. After their multi-year search for a suitable institution, Crystal Bridges acquired the house in 2013. The entire structure was then taken apart and each component was labeled, packed, and loaded into two trucks provided by J.B. Hunt for transportation to the Museum. After its 1,235 mile journey, the Bachman-Wilson House arrived in Northwest Arkansas 

Pretty neat, huh?  :)

While we were there, we walked over to big LOVE sign for a quick pic

Then I remembered we had done this before with Jacob's friend, Cameron, the last time the Scouts were here, so I had to get another pic for comparison :)
Before we left, the boys wanted their pic taken in front of this sculpture. 
I guess it's gigantic roses? :) I had to take a panoramic so it would fit.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

I am so thankful for the promise of eternal life.  
I love the verse from the song 'I Will Rise' by Chris Tomlin -
Jesus has overcome and the grave is overwhelmed.
The victory is won, He is risen from the dead.

Before I had kids, I thought it was silly when siblings dressed alike.
I mean, twins were ok, but not big bro and little bro.  
And now, I eat my words, however, I doubt this will last much longer.
The boys think it's funny though.

Sweet cousins.  And I didn't realize, but by coincidence, they are in order from youngest to oldest :)

Meme made a delicious lunch and her bunny cake.

We went back that night for dinner, and I was smart to wear my comfy clothes :)
i could eat him up!  

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our very first pet

Jacob received some birthday money, so the next day we told him we'd take him to Toys R Us.  
And to my surprise, he couldn't find anything that he had to have!
So we walked next door to Barns & Noble... nothing.  Walmart... nothing.

Then it hit him!  "I'd really like a hamster!"
Um, exsqueese me!?!?!  

I was not on board with his decision, so after convincing from Kris, we brought home Sam, the hamster.  She's directly above Jacob's head. 

Kris said he had a hamster as a kid, and loved it.  And since I'm not ready to add a dog anytime soon, a hamster will suffice.   

Since this pic was taken, we've already upgraded her cage!  Sheesh!  She's actually now in a 20gal fish tank.  And guess what... we're in the process of making some DIY toys for her.  I mean, I've been looking on Pinterest!  Who am I!?!  We even got her one of those balls so she can roll around the house!  And I catch myself going into the room just to see what she's doing.  I've lost my mind.  
The boys definitely enjoy her, and I hope we're making memories so they can share with their kids someday.  

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Jacob!!!

His last night as an 8yr old.

Happy 9th Birthday, Jacob!!!

The theme he chose this year was space. 
He's really been into learning about all the planets and solar system, so we got him a couple of gifts pertaining to that.

Since his birthday fell during spring break, we got up that morning and went to his choice of breakfast, McDonalds. After that, we went to the Amazeum.  It's less than 2 miles from our house and they have been begging to go since it opened, so no better day than Jacob's birthday!  They loved it! 

Then it was party time! 
I asked Kris to draw some planets on our sidewalk, but our guests thought they were Easter eggs, ha!

I did think he did a great job drawing Earth :)

We served pizza and cake.
I forgot the ice cream in the freezer! 

I thought his cake was super cute!

I dusted off my silhouette machine and made a banner.  

I found his shirt on clearance for $4! 

The candles were too cute!

I know I say this every year, and will probably continue to do so, but I can't believe he's 9!
It is going by entirely too fast!
But I love watching the young man he's becoming.

Here are 9 things that make you who you are:
1. You are filled with random facts and love to share what you've learned.
2. You have the biggest heart!
3. You are STILL a picky eater!
4. You require little sleep.  You would stay up till midnight if we let you, and then be up at 6am to start your day.
5. You are a great big brother! You adore Levi!
6. You love to swim and jump off the diving board.
7. You're a homebody.
8. You are not shy, thank goodness!
9. You march to the beat of your own drum :)

Happy Birthday, Jacob!  xoxo
We love you all the way to Neptune and back around the sun!

Later I discovered Jacob added a little something to the calendar I have hanging on the fridge.
I didn't want to forget :)