Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Outdoor Fun

Yesterday we visited a local state park.
We could not have asked for better weather!

We had a nice picnic lunch.

Then we went to War Eagle Mill.

 Next to it is a one-lane bridge.

I love him and his teeth :)

Then we went on another trail.
Doesn't Levi look thrilled? :)

They loved hearing their echo in the tunnel.
On our way home, Jacob said it was a great vacation.  
we were only 30mins away from home.  HA!

We went over to Beth's house last night for dinner and to visit with some friends who are here from FL.
We stayed till 10pm!  The boys were still going strong and would've stayed longer.
But when we were driving away from Beth's house, someone passed out. 

The boys were filthy!  I could not put them in bed dirty!
So we threw them in the shower, and here's Levi waiting his turn :)

Good times!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


This week has been Vacation Bible school (or VBX) at our church.
Kate went with Jacob this year and I volunteered to be a crew leader for 2nd graders.

The first night, Kate was called onto stage for a game.

She had to dig for gummy worms in cool whip.
And halfway through, I realized our friend Caleb was next to her.  :)

Catching confetti
Jacob trying so hard to get on the big screen :)
I can easily remember attending VBS at my Granny's church.
I can still taste the cookies and Kool-Aid :)
me with my sweet Granny and her pastor (circa 1981). 
this is a polaroid I will cherish forever (please ignore the staple in the church, ha!)

Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th Fun!

Happy 4th of July!
I'm a sucker for seasonal shirts for the boys, and when I saw these on clearance last year for less than $2, I had to get them.  I put Levi's on him first and he did not like it!  He kept trying to pull it down to make sleeves.  Ha!!  But once Jacob had on his, Levi magically changed his mind ;) 
Jacob thought it was soooo cool! 
He said, "we're the coolest kids!"  :)
So if you're wondering, no, they don't normally wear sleeveless shirts - hence the farmer's tan :)
The last few years, we've gone to Beth's house and she has a couple of neighbors over for July 4th festivities.
I came across this post for a dip to take. 
I love any kind of dish turned into the flag :) 
It was really good too!

Beth and I went to a garage sale a couple of years ago and spotted this little guy.
Isn't he cute!  I secretly hate that she saw him first :)

She made a cute cake too!
Love her!

The Uncle Sam sign from Levi's 2nd birthday party made a reappearance.

Happy Birthday America!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Fireworks at the Crosses

Last night was fireworks at the Crosses at our church.
Before the fireworks, they perform baptisms under the crosses. 
Around 90 people made this profession of faith. 
This year was particularly special because Jacob's friend, Caleb, was getting baptized.
I honestly don't expect Levi to look at the camera anymore :)
Once the fireworks started, Levi asked to sit in my lap :)
However, his smiles quickly turned to tears. :)
I don't think he liked how loud it was.
Just to see what he would say, I asked him afterwards if he liked it.
He said yes.
#gofigure :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Camp Twilight

Jacob attended an evening camp this week with his cub scouts. 
Kris chaperoned a couple of nights, and I did one.
He had a great time!
He got to shoot a bb gun, again.

And a bow and arrow.
It was super duper hot, but I'm glad both Kris and I got to spend time with him

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Levi!!

Today my baby turns 4!  So hard to believe :(
Over the last couple of months, we would randomly ask him what he wanted on his cake and his answer was always Superman.  So we loosely went with a superman theme. :)
 He woke up to a little surprise on the kitchen table. 
Singing Happy Birthday to him :)
Making a wish!


Instead of throwing a party, we met Beth's family for pizza then went bowling.
Kris' mom and nephew were in town, so they joined us too.
Singing happy birthday again :)

Hmmm... I wonder what this gift is? :)
I know he's mine, but gosh he's cute! 



Super Levi!! 
Love my baby!!  Can't believe he's 4!!