Thursday, September 2, 2010

Part 2

We ate way too much while we were at my parents.
Well actually, most of it was from dives that I wanted to take Kris to.
You know, show him around my old stompin' grounds.  :)

First up, Old South

Talk about a dive!  I'm pretty sure Flo was our waitress, I think she was chewing gum too.  HA!
(I forgot to take a picture of the food - whoops!)

The next day for lunch we went to Stoby's!

Famous for their cheese dip.  Delish!

Our last day we went to El Taco Casa or as I've called it my whole life, Taco Hut.
Where and how that name originated I'll never know.

Now don't let the outside scare you.  I know it looks like it's on its last leg, but the food is so good.
We went through the drive through and took it back to my parents.
Kris was driving, and when we pulled up I told him he had to honk the horn.  
I think he was a little embarrassed, but I said how else are they going to know we're out here!
Oh, and you better know what you want to order because there isn't a menu out there!  :)

Here is the oh-so greasy food!  I love the flour taco shells.
So flaky!
Why yes, more cheese dip.  
And that is a taco burger.  Ever had one?  You must!

Kelley, please tell everyone how good this is!!! :)

And for dessert, one night Meme made us Smores!

Jacob sure did love his!

I need to go through detox the rest of the week to recover.  Wooo weee!


Karen said...

Your Meme's Smores look sooo good, the other places and foods, not so much! But it's good to know you're still alive after eating at them!

Kelley said...

Hey, I love the Taco Hut. It is sooo good. I was thinking about going there the other day. I haven't gone there in years. It is so delicious. Yeah, don't let the outside fool you. It has great food!

Tish said...

I follwed you from FFF, but I'm a fellow Arkansas girl (living in Memphis now) and had to say hello!

Adorable family! I can't wait to follow along!

Beth said...

Stoby's yummy....Taco Hut...yummy. Smore's yes please. She never makes them when I am there :(