Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our day

Today I watched my niece & nephew for a couple of hours while my sister had a meeting.
They played really well together, especially in Jacob's room while he was at school.
I first thought Luke was hurting Kate, but she was quick to tell me she's OK.  

Levi was asleep when they got here, but after he woke up their attention went straight to him.
I could not get both of them to look at the camera and smile at the same time, so here's 2 pictures.

When we get home from picking up Jacob, he always wants to ride his tricycle.
Apparently he does not understand it's 100 degrees outside...  we resort to bringing it inside.

He insisted wearing his sunglasses.

I could stare into these beautiful eyes all day!

I've always said he has lashes for days :)

I've noticed Levi's are starting to fill out too.
I'm so sure for my boys to have longer lashes than me!  


amywelborn said...

Oh Jacob, he's a knock out!!! Love those eyes!!

Beth said...

Thanks for watching my kiddos..they were so excited to go to your house. Love that little Jacob! Hims a pretty puppy!

Kelley said...

Why is it that boys have the beautiful eyelashes? That was so sweet of you to keep your sister's kids. It is nice that you live close enough to do that.

Erika said...

What sweet pictures! I love how you posted two pictures to get all 3 kids smiling - I always have to do that too. Someone is forever looking away when everyone else is perfectly cute! lol.

Jennifer McLean said...

all very sweet kids in those pictures. I'm following from follow friday.