Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting to Know Me

I thought I would list a few "randoms" about myself for anyone stopping by :)

I am the youngest of 2, and I use the word young very loosely
I was born and raised in Arkansas.  Now raising my own family in the Natural State
My school mascot was a Sand Lizard.  That makes me laugh as most people say "a what?"  :)
I am 5'2" and hate it!
I climbed the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza on my honeymoon

I prefer the Today Show over Good Morning America
I love any apple dessert
Back in the day, I had a slight obsession for Celine Dion.  Ok, maybe I still like her
I played the saxophone in band.  Some of my greatest childhood memories are from the band stands :)
I had 7 stitches in my right thumb when I was 5, or was I 4?  I vividly remember my mom laying on top of me so they could sew me up.  
I was the biggest tom boy growing up, reason for above statement.  So much that I told my mom to call me Jason.  HAHA!  :)  Now that makes me laugh.  
I can quote the entire movie of Girls Just Want to Have Fun
My parents have been married for 37yrs and I hope to say the same someday
Speaking of, my mom scarred me for life when she put that last E in my name.  No one gets it right
I love to type
I hate hard boiled eggs

Well I guess I will wrap that up.  :)
I really don't have too many interesting facts about myself now that I think about it.  

Hopefully tomorrow I can post something more fun.  We are going to the fair tonight!
Should be fun, can't wait!


Beth said...

what about when you use a public restroom you have to pull the papertowel level 12 times? or about the time we saw George w. Bush and had to pee so bad that now we refer to going to the bathroom as George W Bush? I could go on and on...

The Robinsons said...

jason, that was funny stuff!

Kelley said...

It was fun for me to read that because some of it I knew and other things I learned.