Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I met my mom in Alma today so she could return Jacob.  :)
And boy was it a hot one.

I don't think he realized he was coming home, because he was so surprised to see me.
His sweet smile melted my heart!

We were back on the road, and here is Jacob enjoying Nemo.

And Levi enjoying the ride.

Jacob's favorite part - going through the tunnel.
And yes, it started raining!!!!! So needed!!

After a couple of minutes of rain, I saw this - a cold front came through!

Unfortunately, that didn't last long.

We are back home and we are back where we left off... telling Jacob to leave Levi alone. :)
Good times!


Kelley said...

I say that same phrase a lot. I also say, "Stop It." "You are squeezing her too tight." Sibling rivalry.

Erika said...

Oh that is just TOO hot! Thank goodness for the rain! I have never wanted rain so much as I have this summer, haha!