Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boots & Movies

Today when I picked Jacob up from daycare, he was wearing a pair of these:

And no, he did not leave the house this morning with them on.  
If I didn't have Levi with me, I would've ran to the car to get my camera.  It was so funny!
Can't wait to tell his dad.

Kris and I have been on a movie kick recently.  We have netflix which works for us because we tend to keep movies longer than we should.  While being on maternity leave, we watched a few at home and have also had the privilege of going to the movies.  Thanks Aunt B!

Here are a few we've seen:
This was really good.  Great special effects!!  
I personally needed a couple of explanations which Kris loved, but overall I'd give it an A+.  
Can't go wrong with Leo.

This was good too.  Had the expected Will Ferrell (stupid) humor which I love.
And surprisingly Mark Wahlberg was funny too.  I give it an A-

We finally saw Up.  Kris, Jacob and I got settled to watch it and about 15mins into it, Jacob got this scared look on his face and begged us to turn it off.  We did, then asked what was wrong.  He never explained, it was so odd.  He loves the Lion King and thinks he's Scar and loves to roar in your face (which is another post) so what he was afraid of I dunno.  We finished watching it after he went to bed.  I thought it was very cute and even got a little teary eyed.  Another A+

Guess we're on a Leo kick too, actually just a ca-winky-dink.  
Again I had questions.  Sheesh Leo!!  And if you're wondering, yes, Kris hates watching movies with me.  
But to my defense, I said up front I would save any question to the end.  :)
During the movie I was like what??????  But at the end they explained everything, Kris was happy he didn't have to this time.  HAHA!  After the pieces of the puzzle were put together, I liked it.  HAHA!  No really!!
I give it an A

 As expected, super cute!  Loved it!  I have a girl crush on Jennifer Garner.  I think she's so cute and we could easily be friends.  Not sure if I've ever admitted that until now.  
I give it A+.  Don't know if Kris would agree, and yes he watched with me.  :)

Up next...

Hope to watch this sometime this weekend.  Heard it was funny!

This is not my kind of movie!  I will NOT be watching this.  
Kris asked if I would put this in our queue on Netflix since we've watched what I wanted lately, so I obliged.  
There will be no review, you'll have to watch for yourself.  :)

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Jacquie said...

This was a FUN post! That is too funny about Jacob and the boots. And I love a good movie, so this post was right up my alley!