Saturday, June 23, 2012


H*A*P*P*Y  2nd   B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y  L*E*V*I!!!!!

I am in complete denial!
I can't believe this baby...

... is this precious little boy!
*you weigh 28.8 lbs (not sure on height)
*wear a size 5 diaper and size 6 shoe
 *you have everyone wrapped with those beautiful baby blues!
*your vocabulary is starting to expand however, you still jibber jabber A LOT!
*you are at the stage where both your daddy & I know what you're saying, but other people do not :)
*dink=drink, daydub=jacob, boon=balloon, appy pay=happy plate (what you say when you eat all your food), wook et me=look at me, and my absolute favorite, wove you=love you
*you go nuts when you hear music!!  you love to dance!!!
*your favorite show is Bubble Guppies and you ask to watch 'Bubbles' all the time and take a seat right in front of the tv
*taking the passy away was no problem.  you only took it when you were sleeping anyway.
*you love to be outside and ask all the time to go 'ow-si, peas?'
*you love love love daydub!  you are his little shadow!
*you still sign for 'more' when you want more to drink
*cousin Kate is your biggest fan!  she loves you bunches!!  as if you're her baby :)
*you are a very picky eater!  i can't believe that has started this early
*you do love some salsa and will eat it by the spoonful
*you are the BEST sleeper!  we have not had to get up in the middle of the night in over a year!
*you take a 3hr nap (1pm-4pm) every day!!  momma loves this ;)
*we simply lay you down in your crib and you tell us 'bye bye' (such a sweet boy!)
*you are soooo polite.  you say 'tank you' anytime we give you something.  and even when i sneeze you say 'bess you'.
*you love to skype with meme and papaw
*you are hands down, the best baby ever!!  
*you never throw fits, never cry.  always in the best mood!
*you have such a sweet soul!
*we could not ask for a better boy!

Thank you Levi for these wonderful last 2 years.
And we thought we loved you then.


Jenny said...

awww!! SO sweet!! He is so precious! I am in denial with you...two seems so grown up, doesn't it?! Where does time go?? Happy Birthday Levi!!

Kelley said...

How sweet is he! I love reading about him. Can't believe he is two! He and my Mady would get along great!

Melody said...

Happy Birthday Levi! Love his little shirt.