Thursday, May 31, 2012

Florida Family Vacation Part 4

The trip that never ends continues... :)

Meme and Papaw were kind enough to keep Levi for us while we went to Hollywood Studios the day after Disney World.  

We continued getting autographs!

We watched fun shows!

Kate got her face painted.  Mine needs makeup, but figured it would melt away from the heat.  

It was also the first day of the Star Wars Weekend.  The place was filled with crazy SW fans!

John found someone he knew :)

And Luke did too!

Jacob loves Monsters, Inc.

I'm so glad the kid is not shy!  

We had lunch reservations to eat with some of the characters.  That was fun!
sidenote:  we were seated at our table and i did not know jake was behind me and when i turned, his big gigantic head was in my face and i practically flew out of my chair, screamed like a little girl.  Jacob thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen!  

Sorry June, I did not know who you were.  
Jacob had to tell me you're from Little Einsteins (which has the cutest theme song, somehow I do know that!).

Special Agent Oso

It did rain on us a little bit, but it actually felt good.  It didn't last long.
The parade was postponed, but once it finally cleared, the parade lasted long enough for me to take Luke and Jacob to the bathroom and miss it!  Go figure!

We took a break to see a cute show, aka naptime for Luke.

Waiting in line to see Buzz & Woody.  

Poor Buzz

There's some love

 The Toy Story ride was so fun!  

Such a fun day!  Next stop is Legoland!

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Pittman said...

good times. bring on legoland!