Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day and Graduation

We survived Disney World.  I took a bazillion pictures that I need to sort through, but first here is a tiny recap of what happened before we left.  

We flew to Florida on Mother's Day, and before we left I was given the sweetest card and a new candle.
We were too busy rushing around to get a picture of me the and boys :(

Jacob also made a couple of things in school for me :)
I can easily see the resemblance :)

While we were gone, Jacob's preschool had their graduation.
I'm sad we missed it, but at least it wasn't kindergarten :)

And I thought it was super sweet they made each child a DVD with all their pictures on it.  
It starts with one from the first day of school until recent (his last day is this Thursday).  
It was fun to see the changes in him, and there were! :)

Be back soon with our Disney pics!

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Shannon said...

Such sweet little gifts! Precious.