Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of Pre K

Pre-K has come to an end.  Jacob's last day is today, and guess what?!  
We played hookie!  We got back from Florida Monday evening, and he went to school Tues & Wed. so I knew he had been going full throttle for a while now, so we stayed home.  

And guess what else... we staged a 'last day of school picture'  
Oh yes we did.  Even pulled out the lunch box :)
I love a comparison, so it had to be done ;)

At first I was a little mad at myself for not going, but I quickly got over that because he starts summer school there next Tuesday.  He'll be going 1 day a week through the month of June.  They have a fun curriculum planned, so I know he will enjoy it.  

In a few short months I'll be taking a first day of kindergarten picture.  Inconceivable!!!!


Charlee said...

That shy little grin on his first day is too precious for words!
Its AMAZING how much he has changed since his first day! He looks so grown up now...but still as cute as ever!

Kelley said...

Look at that before and after picture! He has grown up so much!