Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Loves and Notes

My little Jacob isn't looking so little anymore.
My sweet young man! :)

Everyone eats a marshmallow before church, right? :)

Little love said, "don't forget me mom!"  Then looks away...

Sweet baby face, I want to eat him up!

So remember when I said Jacob sleeps in crazy positions?
The other night I couldn't sleep, so I got up and went to the living room.  
I then peaked in Jacob's room just to see what I would find.  :)

We recently transformed our spare bedroom into a play room.  
As I was cleaning it out, I stumbled upon a box of letters, cards, notes that I have kept over the years.
I found this little note Kris left me one day on the kitchen counter and I immediately got teary eyed.
I was pregnant with Jacob at this time and we called him 'peanut'  :)

Jacob saw me showing Kris the note I found, and he asked if he could write a note to daddy.
He wrote this :)
This sweet boy is going to be reading and writing like a pro before too long!  So proud!


Kelley said...

His writing is fantastic! That will be such an asset next year! Got teary eyed reading your love note.

Anonymous said...

Love Jacob and Levi all to the moon and back.Meme

Jessica said...

Those notes- oh my goodness- such LOVE!! : ) Precious!!!

Jenny said...

Your boys are super cute!! So glad to find your connecting with other NWA moms :-)

Shannon said...

So incredibly sweet! He writes so well!!