Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Florida Family Vacation Part 1

Jacob was very excited about his very first plane ride!

Levi did really well heading down, coming home was a whole different story!

The first leg of our trip was spent at Anna Maria Island, FL.  
We had the cutest beach house that we shared with my parents.

We were directly across the street from the beach!

At first Levi was not so sure about the sand or water.  
He definitely had a kung-fu grip on whomever was holding him!

A few cheetos later, and he was all good.

Jacob had a ball playing in the sand, even though he looks so serious :)

He made many trips to the water!

My sweet niece Kate.
She was so helpful with Levi.  Thank you Kate!!!  

And naturally we are still finding sand in our bags/toys :)

Brother-in-law John
papaw, kate, luke and meme in background

Beth, John, Kate and Luke had a super-cute bungalow that has its own pool.  
We actually stayed in this same house our first trip to A.M.I in 2003.
So it was fun to be back.

Jacob got so brave in the water he wanted to swim out to the buoy.  :)

While we were there, my friend Sharon drove down to see us.
It was so nice to see her and her husband Wayne.  

Our last night at the beach, we ate at a place called The Sandbar, then we had a mini photo shoot afterwards while catching the sunset.

Levi couldn't get in the group photo since he was in a high chair, but that didn't stop him from saying 'cheeeeese'

My mom insisted on getting a picture of all the grand kiddos holding hands looking toward the water.
Even though Levi wasn't having any of it and was bawling!  Good thing his back is to us :)

As good as it was going to get for a family photo.

And an even harder time getting a picture with Meme and Papaw and the grand kiddos.

Kate, Beth, John, Luke

And yes, I bought a California shirt for Jacob to wear in Florida :)

And  because he wanted to, Levi started calling the hogs :)

Kris and I also celebrated our anniversary while in Florida.

I realize this is super long.  Thanks for hanging around :)
I'll leave you with a beautiful sunset.

Part two of our trip coming soon!


kimmie said...

How fun!!!Makes me want to go on vacation real bad!!! I love all your pictures!! Happy Anniversary!!!

YOur post are always short compared to mine!! ha!

Erin said...

Looks like a great time - and I know we are only halfway through. It makes me want to go the beach, too!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! I've never been to that part of Florida. It looks beautiful!

Shannon said...

Looks so fun! Great pics! We are going to Destin this summer and I'm actually having a hard time looking forward to it. Haha A 12+ hour drive and beach with a two year old and baby doesn't sound like too much fun. ha!

Kelley said...

That looks so fun! We are planning a beach trip in July. Hoping it goes as smooth as yours did.