Monday, May 7, 2012

Touch a Truck!

Sorry I haven't blogged much these last few weeks.
Last week I was getting things ready for our garage sale, which was more successful than I anticipated, so that was good.  Oh, and you wouldn't believe the number of people who inquired about our storm shelter.
We actually gave a few demos :)

And now I've switched gears and I'm in Operation DW mode - aka Disney World.

This will be our very first vacation as a family of four.
I've never packed for four people, well 3 actually, Kris can pick out his own clothes!
So I'm making lists and running last minute errands, you know... root touch up, pedicure oh and facial!  :)

I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately, but here are a few ;)

Jacob's latest request is to watch videos online while wearing his headphones.
This particular time he wanted his cars to watch with him :)

And Levi has discovered a drawer in his changing table that holds q-tips and diaper cream.
Guess I'll be moving those things!  When I found him, I remembered a similar situation with Jacob :)

While I was working our garage sale, Kris took Jacob to Touch a Truck.

Jacob, like all boys I'm sure, was in heaven!

I like how he's checking himself out in this picture!

He had a blast!

Have a great week!  Not sure when I'll be back :)


Jenny said...

How fun! We had planned to bring the boys to Touch a Truck but our day was crazy busy and we just didn't make it! I know they would have loved it too! Let me know if you need anything for your disney trip...I'm from Orlando and all of my family is there. We are Disney veterans :-)!

Kelley said...

SO glad your sell was a success! I think your boys are so cute!

His Doorkeeper said...

Kimberley, Thanks for the comment on my blog. Ya'll come over sometime and go to Bull Shoals State Park. it is beautiful!!

Did you know you have the prettiest little boys!!! They are darling!

I can't imagine any more fun things for little boys than the Touch a Truck event! Wow! I think even Harper would like that! Where is it held? In Fayetteville?

We went to Disney one time...that was plenty for us!
Hope you all have a great time!

Jessica said...

Kim, that Levi of yours sure is a mess- so cute with those Qtips! : )