Saturday, March 10, 2012

Operation Code Word: DW

I need to get my groove back in blogging.  
I hate going so long in between posts, but not a whole lot going on in these parts.  :)

I guess the biggest topic of discussion is our spur of the moment decision to go to Disney World in May.

Beth and her bunch are going, along with 2 other families so we were easily persuaded.  :)
At first I asked my mom if she would watch Levi while we went.  I didn't want to mess with diapers, naps, stroller, etc... but then I could just imagine him asking me when he's older why he's not in any of the pictures. :)  So he's going, and guess who else is...... my mom.... and dad!!!

This is major people!!
  My dad has never been on an airplane.  I will need to give him some dramamine before takeoff since he gets carsick riding in the passenger seat, ha!  

We are going to Anna Maria Island for the first part of the week, then finish up in Orlando.  
I am fine with not telling Jacob until the day before we leave.  Otherwise he will ask if this is the day! I found this little idea on pinterest on how to surprise him with the news!  
Mine will probably be more low key.  :)

I cannot wait to see Jacob's sweet face!!
rough night i suppose :)


Kelley said...

That sounds wonderful! You guys will have a blast! So thrilled your parents are going too!

Erin said...

This sounds like so much fun. Before Harrison came along, I had a Disney 2012 agenda. I just can't face it yet, though, with him being so little. I am jealous.