Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Actual birthday

Last Saturday night around 11pm it hit me that tomorrow was Jacob's birthday.
I mean I knew, but for a split second it dawned on me.  

I had not wrapped his gifts and I wanted to blow up some balloons to surprise him when he woke up.
So I was busy doing just that before bed.  

He came into our room around 7:30am Sunday morning and went to Kris' side of the bed and said, "Daddy, I see birthday decorations!"  Then he ran to my side and asked, "Momma, am I five today?"
Melt my heart.  I answered, "yes baby, yes you are."  :(

ignore the blue polka-dot balloon ;)

He opened gifts while Daddy made pancakes.

Singing Happy Birthday to him for the 2nd time :)

Counting the candles :)

Making a wish!

Off to church in his favorite shirt :)

After lunch Meme and Papaw and Aunt B, Uncle John, Kate and Luke came over for more cake!
We, once again, got out the candles and sang Happy Birthday :)

He thought it would be fun to sit in Levi's seat

Spider girl taking a time out for cake :)

We love you silly boy!

And this concludes Jacob's 5th birthday festivities :)


Kelley said...

How fun is that! He looks so happy!

Sara said...

What an adorable birthday boy!!