Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We woke up at 1am with Jacob in our doorway, and I told him to go back to bed before he could say a word.  Then he says, "but mommy, I just threw up."  
I quickly jumped out of bed and sure enough, it was all down his pajamas and in his hair.
I felt terrible=mom fail.

I went into his bedroom and was immediately knocked down by the odor, sorry tmi, I know!
I got Kris up and he changed the sheets and cleaned the room while I tossed Jacob into the tub.

He slept with us the rest of the night and I prayed over Kris and I that neither one of us would get sick and that Jacob would not have another episode.  Praise the Lord, he heard my prayer!

So Jacob is home from school today and I am sanitizing the house!
Thankful for a beautiful day, the windows are open and the breeze feels great!
And Jacob feels himself and playing so I'm not sure if it was a bug or what.  

I had just bragged that very morning at Bible Study that Jacob has not thrown up since he was a baby!
There has been so much sickness, especially stomach bugs going around, and I was so thankful we had managed to avoid it. Did I jinx it?  

Oh well, another day to spend with Kung Fu Jacob :)

Can't you just hear him saying, "hi ya!"

Thank you Lord for this will always be my baby almost 5 year old little boy!

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Kelley said...

I am so glad it didn't last long. I have been sick for 3 weeks. Finally went to the doctor and had a sinus infection and bronchitis. It has been rough this year with stomach bugs and allergy related stuff.