Saturday, March 31, 2012

Most Special Moment Ever!

This morning Jacob had t-ball practice.
I asked Aunt B to watch Levi so I wouldn't have to chase him down, because sometimes I have to go out into the ball field to ask Jacob to get up and put his glove back on - ha!  :)  
{sidenote:  Kris works Saturdays}

So we were driving over to Beth's and Jacob started saying, "God made the trees.  God made the clouds.  God made the moon.  Right Mommy?"  I said, "yes, he made everything on earth."  

So he started naming more things God made:  trains, baseballs, toys, etc...  

I asked Jacob if he heard that at church or school (he goes to pre-k at a church where he has chapel).
He said and I quote, "God told me that."  

I naturally sat up a little straighter, looked in my rear view mirror and asked, "oh yeah, he talks to you?"

Jacob said, "yes, and he told me I am not done with you Jacob."

GIVES ME CHILLS (and tears) just typing that.  Those were his exact words.  
I just had to praise God while driving and thank him for speaking to Jacob.
He may not fully understand it now what that means, but it's my prayer God continues to work in his heart.

I pulled out my phone because I wanted to capture him at this special moment.
{thank you Lord for blessing me with a silly boy!}

Jacob asked me to take Levi's picture too.  
{Thank you Lord for this precious nugget too!}

Have a wonderful weekend!  Mine is off to a fantastic start! :)


Erin said...

I love it! How amazing and what a sweet spirit.

Kelley said...

That is so sweet! Love it too! He was speaking his heart! I totally believe him!

Melody said...

What a special moment. I pray that he will always be in tune to hear God when He speaks to him.

Laurie said...

Thank you! You could have said hello!!!!! He is precious!!!!

Sara said...

What a wonderful moment!!